FORS Registrations Fees

Your FORS fee is made up of:

  • The annual subscription fee – based on total number of vehicles operated
  • An audit fee – based on the number of operating centres accredited

Your annual subscription fee is based on the total number of vehicles you operate.

Annual subscription (£) based on total number of vehicles operated
Fleet size 1 2-3 4-10 11-25 26-50 51-100 100+
Subscription fee (£) 65 + VAT 180 + VAT 420 + VAT 630 + VAT 900 + VAT 1,700 + VAT 2,250 + VAT

To calculate your bronze audit fee you need to identify the number of audits that you require.

Audit fee per operating centre
Standard rate (£) 450 + VAT
Small operator rate (total fleet not larger than 3 vehicles) (£) 420 + VAT
Follow-up audit type* Fee (£)
Desk based follow up 100 + VAT
Operating centre 235 + VAT

*Type of follow up audit is determined by the auditor based on the outcome of the initial audit.

FORS silver and gold fees

Annual silver and gold FORS accreditation is as follows:

Bronze audit fee for silver operators is required every two years.  Bronze audit fee for gold operators is required every three years

Silver Gold
Annual subscription fee As per bronze
Annual silver/gold evidencing check (£) 235 + VAT 235 + VAT
Silver/gold evidencing follow up check to observe the correction of any found action point 100 + VAT 100 + VAT

Public / Local Authority fees

2016 Discounted fee for public / local authority accreditation 2016 Fee for public / local authority FORS ‘Specifiers’
Annual Subscription Audit fee Annual Subscription Audit fee

£750+VAT for Authorities with 26 or more vehicles

For authorities with 25 or less vehicles the annual subscription will be as per the standard fee schedule

First audit free (additional audits £450+VAT) No charge Two audits free (additional audits £450+VAT)

Charity Fees

2016 Discounted fee for registered charity accreditation
Annual Subscription Audit fee

£420+VAT for registered charities with 25 or less vehicles

£750+VAT for registered charities with 26 or morevehicles

First audit free (additional audits £450+VAT)

Other fees

Other audit fees Fee (£)
Out of hours audits
(Monday to Friday before 0900hrs and after 1730hrs. Saturday and Sunday.)
Follow up rate
Standard rate
Small operator rate (total fleet not larger than 3 vehicles)
345 + VAT
525 + VAT
495 + VAT
Enhanced audits (following FORS downgrade or suspension) 645 + VAT
Audits undertaken outside the UK Ireland
Other countries (click here for a full list)
Desk based follow up audit
595 (no VAT)
895 (no VAT)
100 (no VAT)

Whole Fleet Accreditation (WFA) fees

Whole Fleet Accreditation (WFA) Fee (£)
 QA systems audit (in year 1 of WFA)  2,850 + VAT
 QA systems lite (in year 2 of WFA onwards) 950 + VAT
Auditor QA 950 + VAT
 Audit report QA (per report) 55 + VAT

Note: valid from 17 February 2015

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