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Who's on board

who's on board
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What is FORS

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an accreditation scheme that aims to improve fleet activity throughout the UK and beyond.

Who's it for?

FORS is voluntary and open to any company operating a fleet including vans, lorries, mini-buses and coaches.


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DfT consultation to increase the penalty levels for using a mobile phone while driving

Article2 040216The Government has a Manifesto commitment to reduce the number of cyclists and other road users killed and injured on our roads every year.

Hand-held mobile phone use whilst driving is a dangerous activity which increases the risk of a collision. The FORS standard requirement ‘D4 – in-vehicle technology’ specifies that fleet operators shall not cause or permit a driver to use a mobile phone or other distractive in-vehicle technology while driving. Any use of mobile phones and other in-vehicle technology (including hands-free equipment) must be properly managed, and where hands-free equipment is allowed, the terms of its use needs to be covered by a strict policy, ideally supported by a written procedure, risk assessment or method statement. For further information, please revisit the FORS standard. Continue reading