Book your place on the ‘Staying Legal’ and ‘Van Smart’ courses

Book your place on the ‘Staying Legal’ and ‘Van Smart’ courses

‘Staying Legal’ and ‘Van Smart’ coursesAs a basic requirement of the FORS Standard, operators must demonstrate that they have plans in place to ensure all drivers and managers undergo approved and progressive training. FORS funds specific training courses to ensure drivers are constantly improving their driving skills and awareness of vulnerable road users.


The ‘Staying Legal’ course provides drivers with a better understanding of the regulatory framework governing road transport, and best practice guidance to help ensure they comply with crucial rules and regulations. This course also counts towards the required 35 hours of Driver CPC training.

The ‘Van Smart’ course is specifically for van operators and focuses on issues surrounding vulnerable road user. This course consists of two 3.5 hour modules, one theory module to equip drivers with the knowledge and skills they need to become safer, efficient and professional on the road. The second module is practical, whereby drivers benefit from riding bicycles to understand the road from a vulnerable road user’s perspective.

Places are still available in September for ‘Staying Legal’ and ‘Van Smart’ courses across the UK on the following dates:

 Staying Legal:

Van Smart:

  • City of London – 3 September
  • Wimbledon – 10 September
  • Chelmsford – 10 September
  • Cambridge – 17 September
  • City of London – 17 September

For more information on the courses provided by FORS please contact [email protected]