Author: Susie Humby

Press release: FORS longest running Gold members celebrate more than five years at the top of their game

Gaining and maintaining FORS Gold accreditation may seem like a significant investment, but to some of FORS strongest supporters it’s both business-critical and a positive statement about their commitment to operational excellence. A number of FORS members have already celebrated their fifth year of Gold accreditation, and they remain as dedicated to the FORS Standard … Read more

In-cab coaching devices found to improve driver behaviour

A study conducted by FORS Associate Masternaut has found that drivers are far more likely to change their behaviour when they receive immediate feedback using tools such as Masternaut’s in-cab coaching device, rather than relying on retrospective feedback and reports. For this study, Masternaut ran an extensive analysis across 9,000 light commercial vehicles and found … Read more