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Cris Services UK Ltd, a haulier based in Kings Cross (London), transports / distributes wet cement to customers on behalf of Hanson Concrete (within the M25 area). Cris Calina (Operator), I (Chris Ndibe -Transport Manager) and the other members of the management team have noticed improvements in fuel usage as a result of monitoring and sharing fuel usage data and distance covered data between management and drivers.

cris1We were informed, during a management meeting, of the need for a FORS accreditation as a contractual condition. It was clear from the meeting that it would be the minimum requirement to maintain our Hanson Concrete contract.

Cris Services UK Ltd was successful with the assessment by the end of second attempt. We learnt that we had to keep detailed information regarding our operations – necessary to generate key performance indicators. We were encouraged to adjust our transport management system in order to meet the FORS bronze requirements.

Within a few weeks of becoming FORS bronze accredited, we accepted a visit from VOSA. We were confident that we were ready for the VOSA-visit. By the end of the meeting, we received an all clear VOSA-letter. We took advantage of our updated driver CPC training status, the Safe Urban Driver practitioner workshops and the online driver licence checking system that we implemented.

The FORS training workshops have been a positive and practical way of improving our driver’s and manager’s knowledge – shared experiences with other trainees. We installed vehicle C.C.T.V. systems on all our vehicles – this led to the reduction in vehicle / cycle accidents, as well as an increase in the determination and confirmation of non-fault road accidents.

MPG Incidents per 100,000 kms
Jan – Dec 2014
4.6447 1.86
Jan – Dec 2015 5.0319 3.15
Percentage improvement -0.08%  -59%

The MPG variation of 0.08% is negligible – we compared estimated figures for 2014 with accurate figures for 2015. Future comparable results for 2015-2016 would provide a better picture than 2014 – 2015. As at 31/12/14, Cris Services had 13 vehicles and by 31/12/15, we had 20 vehicles. The ratio of incidents per 100000 KMs for 2014 was 1.86; for 2015, it was 3.15 – because of an increase in business activities (more vehicles and increased mileage). However, in 2014, one out of twelve incidents was classified as own fault compared to only one out of twenty-one in 2015. This was as a direct benefit of installing the vehicle CCTV systems.

cris 2
Operator Licence holder

It would mean so much to Cris Services UK Ltd to gain Gold standard accreditation.
1. Our main client (Hanson) would immensely appreciate our efforts in attaining a high level of compliance – more business would come our way (improved contract deliveries).
2. For, Cris Services UK Ltd, it would serve as confirmation that our transport systems are up-to-date, aligned with CLOCS Standards and usable for key performance indicators.
3. It would mean we are able to reduce our costs, reduce risks (WRRR requirement) and increase savings.
4. It would mean we have the right attitudes towards being greener by seeking-out ways to improve fuel usage and better recycling methods.
5. It would mean that we can positively promote the FORS ideology; leading by example.
6. Our records will look good in the eyes of stake / share-holders (Corporate Social Responsibility).