ALCO Plant Hire Ltd FORS Silver Specialized Transport Haulier

ALCO Plant Hire Ltd FORS Silver Specialized Transport Haulier

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ALCO Plant Hire Ltd are based in Kent and have been supplying low loaders and heavy haulage throughout the UK for over 40 years. Our location in the centre of the county is ideal for the Home Counties and Central London. Our fleet of low loaders range from rigid plant bodied 32 tonne trucks through to 44 tonne articulated vehicles and special types of heavy haulage up to 200 tonnes combinations.

alco lorry 1Neil Yates, Managing Director, explains how ALCO Plant Hire have achieved huge reductions in fuel use through FORS.

“We came across FORS as a contractual requirement to deliver plant and equipment for multiple customers on the new London Underground project known as Crossrail”.

“In April 2014 we completed our Bronze audit, with minor changes that helped towards the running of the company and also assisted towards the tender with companies to which we supply transport, who require the FORS membership.

Once we received the Bronze FORS membership we implemented the use of the Driver Licence checking system which proved a useful system. In addition we took advantage of the fuel telematics system for the results of MPG, fuel usage and the CO2 data from the fleet of vehicles we run, which has also helped us implement changes that we needed to enforce”

‘FORS has provided our company with good information on the improvement of the everyday running of the company and good training advise for our drivers’

 FORS online e-learning has helped towards new training levels that we have given our drivers and our insurance company has helped towards this.

Our Insurance based online training will help reduce our Insurance premiums and has highlighted any drivers who need additional training and improvement to help the smooth running of our company in order to supply the best service for our customers.

 ‘FORS has also provided us with excellent information which has helped us make improvements and continue to give up to date information on new training and management tools’

 Our improvements since becoming a Silver membership is a replacement program of vehicles to Euro 6 emissions standard. One third of our fleet is already Euro 6 compliant and additional replacement vehicles are due in September 2016.

MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms
April 2014 – March 2015
7.498 4.88
April 2015 – March 2016 7.855 3.76
Percentage improvement 4.76%  22.95%

Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Picture1To date FORS has helped towards our company making good changes and improvements to our everyday duties. We are hoping to become a Gold Member which will assist us to make more improvements to the daily running of our company. In turn this will enhance the service that we can supply to our customers.