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Axle Haulage Ltd, established in 1988, operates a modern, mixed range of haulage vehicles from 6 strategically based operating centers throughout the United Kingdom. We provide both an effective and competitive sustainable transport solution on a nation-wide and regional basis for the Civil Engineering, Construction, Rail and Manufacturing Industries.axle 1
Barry Jordan managing Director of the business says, “We first learnt about FORS at the end of 2011 as we were doing a lot of work for the Crossrail project contractors, it became obvious that we needed to start working to the FORS standards and show our commitment to the changes taking place within the transport and construction logistics industries”.

We wanted to use the FORS standards to demonstrate our continual improvement,we have done this and more with the help of FORS. The Management System That existed at the time helped us to achieve the Bronze standard first time, Following on from the Bronze assessment we were keen to progress to Silver, we achieved this in march 2013, we have just passed our re-assessments for both Bronze and Silver, the FORS assessments have helped to identify areas where improvements to the existing systems could be made.

For instance FORS has helped us to better manage our driving licence checks by recommending Advanced Check,. We have a Telematics system fitted to every vehicle which has helped us to plan our routes more efficiently, reducing idling time and utilising our fleet more efficiently. The FORS workshops have also been a great tool for our staff, and we have also put most of our drivers through the Safe Urban Driver Courses (SUDS). The FORS benchmarking tool has enabled us to track our progress since the first bronze audit.
Our vehicles are all fitted with additional features that exceed standard requirements, such as Side Scan Sensors, Fresnel lenses, Turn Left and Right warning systems and CCTV with 4 cameras with hard drives for recording, we are totally committed to improving the safety of vulnerable road users, so much so that we are working with our safety equipment suppliers Britesparks who are FORS associate members to develop, produce and fit further safety equipment to our vehicles, these include LED warning signage and additional warnings alarms, all drivers have attended Crossrail driver training and other courses we also regularly keep our drivers updated through tool box talks, poster campaigns and memos.

Using the FORS benchmarking system and the materials supplied by FORS, has helped us achieve a 2.2% increase in MPG from 9.1MPG to 9.3MPG overall, we have also reduced our CO2 emissions by 2.2% overall incidents and collisions are down from 2.09 per 100,000km in base year to 1.74 per 100,000km in year one. Although we have seen an increase of onsite related incidents during 2015

MPG Incidents per 100,000kms
Jan 14 – Dec 14
9.1 2.09
Jan 15 – Dec 15 9.3 1.74
Percentage improvement 2.2% 16% decrease

axle 2Achieving the Gold accreditation would mean so much to us at Axle, We are dedicated to making the company the best it can be and we are extremely proud of the commitment in all areas that everyone involved in the business has put in, we have used the materials provided by FORS to continually improve our company, we are always looking at new technologies to further improve our safety, Fuel consumption, carbon footprint etc. We are continually upgrading our fleet, fuel consumption figures and safety features come high on our list of priorities when choosing new vehicles, achieving FORS Gold will affirm what we have achieved so far, our aim is to continue making improvements in all areas of our business and being a first choice haulier to our customers