Balfour Beatty Track Partnership – FORS to us is seen as a valuable support mechanism to our HGV transport operations

Balfour Beatty Track Partnership – FORS to us is seen as a valuable support mechanism to our HGV transport operations

Balfour Beatty Track Partnership is part of the Balfour Beatty Group which was established over 100 years ago. It was set up in its current form in 2011, initially to service a project with London Underground and has seen its activity increase substantially in subsequent years. We have always taken pride in the way we approach our work, especially in ensuring we adopt a safe working environment in which our employees, particularly those involved in our transport operations, carry out their duties in a professional manner whilst taking account of internal and external factors including road driving risk. With this in mind training and vehicle procurement are tailored around ensuring drivers are fully conversant with the needs of our business and the industry as well as maximising fuel efficiencies through the purchase of Euro 6 vehicles to upgrade our fleet. With two years already as a FORS Gold operator Dean Previdi our Plant and Transport Supervisor provides an update of our FORS experience;

We initially heard about FORS through our work with London Underground and could see it underpin the quality standards we felt we already had in place.

1“Our drivers are managed closely against key competence indicators linked to risk and road safety, especially with due regard for vulnerable road users” Dean Previdi Plant and Transport Supervisor

Our first audit against the Bronze standard took place in 2013 and although we passed first time it was useful to have an independent overview of our transport operations to ensure we were on the right path in ensuring we has appropriate policies and systems in place.

After successfully achieving Bronze re-accreditation in May 2014 the obvious next step was to consolidate our processes and procedures for Silver which we achieved in September of the same year.
Since joining the Scheme we feel that FORS has continued to support us as a company in what we are trying to achieve in our transport operations with the various training offered through both e-learning and CPC training workshops, in particular Safe Urban Driving which provides drivers with a vulnerable road user perspective. We feel this has improved knowledge of road safety and cycle safety, e-learning serves us to reinforce the message. The availability of the other e-learning modules including Lo City and the management of road risk through Smart Driving ensures that awareness is linked to their overall driving performance as well as its impact on the environment. We will continue to make the most of the training that FORS offers and maximise their impact on positive improvements to our operation.  The workshops also provide good networking opportunities where our operatives can also share experiences and issues they encounter in their day to day work.

As our experience with FORS has developed we have created a strong team within Plant and Transport which is supportive of the aims of the Scheme and is pictured below. I am joined there by Hamood Rehman, Luke Zaccardelli and Stewart Hunt with Yosief Belai also closely involved. The support of Gemma Heasman our appointed Transport Manager, and one of our FORS Practitioners, along with the Balfour Beatty Fleet Services Department, has also been integral in our progress. As a strategic objective we achieved Gold accreditation in 2015 and this helped us further in consolidating and developing the systems and processes that underpin FORS criteria.

“To our business FORS is seen as a valuable support mechanism to our HGV transport operations”  Dean Previdi Transport and Plant Supervisor

July 2015 – Jun 2016                                   6.05 m.p.g.
July 2016 – Jun 2017                                   7.17 m.p.g.
Percentage improvement                                   18.5%

Over the past 12 months we have analysed our fuel use very closely. This combined with the majority of our fleet fitted with Euro 6 engines and our diesel now 100% drawn from our on- site bunker as well as adherence by drivers to our strict idling policies has seen an improvement in our miles per gallon performance as highlighted in the table below.

Other areas of development within the business are:

  • Our “Permit to Drive” which assesses drivers throughout a risk based process which includes a 3 yearly assessment and an annual medical self-declaration with training, counselling or other appropriate support provided.
  • Close partnership working with our agency Manpower to develop a strategy for recruiting new drivers.
  • Working with our drivers and providing briefings to them when operating cranes on site to use low revs mode to reduce noise levels and white noise silent revers audio buzzers are fitted to all our lorries
  • With around 15% of our railway products and materials transported by rail we believe there is scope to increase this percentage and will be working closely with site team and contractors to increase this percentage as we go forward.

2As already indicated our drivers are closely managed against key performance indicators linked to risk and road safety, especially with due regard for vulnerable road users. Training is planned for each driver following their induction in line with our “Track Partnership FORS, Work Related Road Risk, Vehicle & Driver Plan” which provides our strategy as we move forward towards excellence for all our operatives. In-cab telematics are used to identify any adverse impact on Co2 emissions linked to poor driver behaviour with FORS e-learning continuing to complement our progressive training arrangements.

Going forward we will continue to take advantage of the benefits offered by FORS including as a support mechanism that provides advice and guidance which underpins the good systems and processes we feel we already have in place.


Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim’