Blockaid Ltd

Blockaid Ltd

Blockaid Ltd are both a Haulier and Drainage specialist company and have been operating for some 15-25 years. My name is Theresa Cox and I am the Business Support Manager, we are based in Longsight in Manchester. Block Aid have achieved huge reduction in fuel usage through FORS by implementing the tracking system Masternaut which assists in better routing.

Having been a contracted haulier to Tarmac Ltd for several years, when they recommended the FORS Accreditation Scheme to us, we were naturally very keen to get involved. For us, as a small business, it made sound business sense to be affiliated with such a recognised body as FORS. As a small family business we identified some of the FORS values as being what we ourselves aspire to. These include, continuous improvement, compliance with health and safety, reducing accidents, better training for our fleet and office staff, making training more accessible with E-Learning opportunities on the web site and some of the saving that can also be made from being a FORS accredited member.

The initial FORS Bronze assessment was very thorough and encouraged us to use the benefits on offer particular the website which has many great benefits, CPC training/Practitioner workshops etc., I myself am currently undergoing the FORS Practitioners Modules and have two remaining to complete which are now schedule for early January 2017. Having now attained both the Bronze and Silver accreditation, being able to display the FORS Logo on our vehicles, stationary and website identifies us to the public and potential clients as a company that takes its responsibility in health and safety very seriously and denotes where we are in the market place with our health and safety standards.

Since obtaining our FORS Silver Accreditation we have taken on an additional five members of staff, added four additional Vehicles to our fleet and improved our productivity by up to 50% in less than 18 months. This period of growth has been exceptional and we believe this is due to the assistance and clear guidelines FORS set out for its members. We are also setting up a training centre for our staff to keep them in line with the benefits FORS offer. By following these guidelines within FORS our reporting methods have improved and we now have a handle on everything from expenditure on maintenance to improved more frequent tool box talks, fuel usage and maintaining better transparency on key performance indicators within the business, on the whole is has been a win win situation, to progress to Gold for us is a natural progression that can only improve our process’ further.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim