Brett – Safety Case Study

Brett – Safety Case Study

Brett Concrete Case Study


Blindspot Cameras: Brett Concrete

Brett Concrete is one of the largest independent suppliers of ready-mixed concrete in the UK. It supplies customers from 20 quality controlled plants across London, the East and South East of England. The company operates a fleet of truck mixers and has an annual concrete production capacity in excess of 500,000m3.

Brett TruckBrett has successfully trialled and fitted blindspot cameras to 50 vehicles in their fleet over the last two years. A pair of cameras are fitted to the cab and images are then displayed in-cab on a 7inch digital screen giving the driver a clear picture of the area and eliminating the dangerous blind-spot at the front of the vehicle.

The Brett Group has an ongoing commitment to vehicle safety improvement and this development contributes significantly to inner city road safety where cyclists and pedestrians are in closer proximity to mixers and tippers. In addition the company has also fitted side alarms to mixers which play a bespoke audible warning when the left indicator is selected 'This Brett vehicle is turning left'. It was felt that this would have more impact as a warning to nearby cyclists than a generic alarm.

Images are displayed in-cab on a 7inch digital screen giving the driver a clear picture of the blindspot area.

BrettAll new vehicles in the Brett fleet have cameras fitted as standard and Brett Concrete has worked with suppliers to retrofit blindspot cameras to older vehicles.

Paul Sheekey, Transport Supervisor at Brett Concrete said "The introduction of cameras has also had a positive impact on drivers, who now have greater confidence due to an improved field of vision".