PJ Carey Plant Hire (Oval) Ltd – Achievement of the FORS Gold standard – year 2


Careys has been in existence since the 1970s. Established in Wembley it has become a national organisation in the construction industry with the majority of our work centered in and around London.  We deliver transport plant and equipment to site with some collection of waste material. Gary Condon, the Plant and Fleet Director, explains how FORS has served to validate and build upon existing good practice and achievement of the gold standard has helped us over the past 12 months.

“Following achievement of gold last year we have in the past 12 months continued to build on that success and have worked with our transport staff, as well as Directors, to ingrain a culture of continuous development towards our road safety work, ensuring that all suppliers we work with are risk rated so that they meet the high levels we aspire to. Our work with CLOCS, which I champion, both internally and externally, has seen us working closely with key stakeholders such as Mace and Skanska who regularly request the support of one of our vehicles, and a driver, at their cyclist safety events promoting, for example, blind spot awareness and associated hazards. This is good for the general awareness of the public and for the publicity to us as a business where we also provide sponsorship – as we did at the CLOCS event held at Earls Court in March.

Pj careys 1 Since achieving the gold standard we proudly display our certificate in our office and have maximised the use of other promotional material – the photograph below is of one of our drivers attending one of his trucks. As can be seen the promotion of our gold achievement as expressed on the tee shirt he is wearing provides us with excellent PR material and I am sure that this level of accreditation has contributed to business won over the past 12 months, especially through the tendering process – we have seen turnover increase by 40% over the past 12 months. Our involvement in CLOCS and the FORS gold accreditation are both advertised through email signatures to trade professionals.

When I arrived in the business Careys had already achieved Bronze FORS status and this was confirmed in January 2013. My fellow Directors and I saw the real potential for the Standard in helping us stand out amongst our competitors and following the confirmation that we continued to meet the Bronze standard a year later felt the time was right to set about achieving FORS silver which we managed in February 2014. The robust systems we already had in place, particularly for measuring fuel use and analysing road traffic incidents and penalties has, I feel, shown our commitment to the practice and spirit of FORS and the gold achievement served to demonstrate this further. Across our senior management team the Standard has always been seen as evidence of quality as well as a means of securing competitive advantage.



Pj careys 2The HGV seen in the picture is an example of the type we supply, with a driver, to one of the promotional events described above.

“The achievement of the gold standard has helped us to secure competitive advantage”

FORS has helped us greatly in knowing, understanding and analysing our data in a professional way. The Safe Urban Driver training has given us real driver focus and has helped our fleet operatives become more involved in ensuring the fleet operation is professional and competent

“We will continue to take advantage of the benefits that FORS offers”

FORS has given recognition to the transport operation within the company and is being recognised by our customers. Becoming a Champion of CLOCS (Construction logistics and cyclist safety) through working in partnership with Transport for London has provided even greater credibility. Going forward our aim is to continue with the promotion of quality and safety of our transport operation through further engagement with partners and stakeholders whilst continuing to take full advantage of the benefits that the standard undoubtedly provides”.