CEVA Logistics Sherburn – Ongoing Journey in FORS Gold

CEVA Logistics Sherburn – Ongoing Journey in FORS Gold

CEVA Logistics British Gypsum Sherburn are contracted by British Gypsum to manage the load securing and end user distribution of their products in the north of England across the M62 corridor. The site operates a fleet of eleven articulated units, one 26 ton rigid and thirty three tri-axle trailers.

Jason Ullah as the new Contract Manager has taken over the site in September 2015 from Paul Bisset and is continuing the good work undertaken to date on FORS. The team continue to demonstrate a high focus on transport safety, operational efficiency and environmental impacts.

Initially the demand for FORS accreditation came from British Gypsum via their customers but once the benefits of the scheme were recognised the CEVA Sherburn team adopted the standard and worked through the scheme from Bronze via the MOCA Site Accreditation to Silver, ultimately achieving Gold in December 2014. Being the first CEVA British Gypsum site to attain the Gold status ensured that CEVA could offer British Gypsum a FORS Gold capability to their customer base if required. The experience gained also allowed the site to offer guidance to the two sister sites at Kirkby Thore and East Leake, with Kirkby Thore achieving Gold status in August 2015 as the 100th accredited member.
Ceva-ceva1Since achieving the Gold standard the focus has been on improving the drivers understanding of Vulnerable Road Users and this has been targeted through a combination of in-house and external training. A total of 17 drivers operating from the Sherburn site have undertaken the Safe Urban Driver training programme via Collets, with the remaining drivers to be scheduled on this vital course in the near future.

“Achieving the FORS Gold standard has helped me enhance my understanding of VRU and equipment. This has directly benefited my site”

After achieving the FORS Gold accreditation it was necessary to focus on the drivers to help improve their driving skills and economical driving style. Using the Microlise Telematics system as fitted to the MAN tractors, the site used the scoring system to focus on harsh braking, over revving and excessive idling. Ranking the drivers from best to worst and publishing a league table helped focus the driver team on this. This was complemented by the all haulier British Gypsum Driver of the Year Competition that took place in September. Two of the Sherburn team proudly represented the site, narrowly missing out on a podium place in a strong field of “Best” or “Most Improved” driver colleagues from the five British Gypsum operations. This approach has been a high profile activity that ensures the inclusion of the drivers in our aim of both improving driver standards and reducing our environmental impact.

It has also been essential to focus on equipment standards and the Sherburn fleet has been modified to include an audible left turn alarm. The enhanced vehicle specification requirement was well understood by Paul Bisset and he was able to support the sister sites in a package of after-market upgrades such as side scan, audible left turn alarms and reversing cameras on rigid vehicles. Having an experienced operator has made the upgrade and transition to the FORS Silver Standard an easier process.

When looking at the 2015 data to the 2014 results, a good improvement was evident. Two of the areas I focused on were to increase MPG and reduce the number of blameworthy road traffic incidents across the operation. Using vehicle Telematics and a SAFED driver training programme I have seen significant improvement year on year in both areas

“As the new site manager safe operations is the priority and I am pleased to note that transport operations have been undertaken with no lost time accident or serious road collisions in 2015”
Jason Ullah

MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms
Jan – Dec 2013
8.39 0.73
Jan – Nov 2014 8.87 0.53
Jan – Nov 2015 8.98 0.16
Percentage improvement 1.24% 30%

Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

cevaMaintaining the FORS Gold Accreditation is an essential part of my site strategy to ensure that CEVA are operating to the highest standards of transport safety and efficiency with a very high focus on Vulnerable Road Users. Excellent training and equipment underpin this and I am proud of my driver team and back office in pursuing their duties with a high focus and regard to this matter.