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Dafcon Haulage Ltd – Route2Success


Dafcon Haulage Ltd is an independent, fully licensed operator, supplying both concrete mixers and tipper vehicles, for the construction industry. Based in Ruislip, London, we supply, recycle and dispose of, various materials required for the construction of buildings and groundwork development throughout London. Shane Mc Gillycuddy performs his role as Compliance Manager, and will explain how FORS has lead their organisation down the right path to continue as a competent, and safe fleet operator.

FORS has provided us with great support, so we can continue our service throughout London as a well-recognised and safe fleet operator. When we joined FORS back in August 2013, we were introduced to the FORS Standard which all new FORS members must comply with if they are willing to achieve bronze accreditation. To this day, Dafcon Haulage Ltd, continues to promote these standards throughout our operation. As an achievement, by implementing these standards, we have been able to work our way through silver and into Gold accreditation successfully.

As a FORS Gold operator, we have continued to make use of all the FORS benefits which it has to offer. FORS members have access to many different training modules, which drivers and operators can learning new procedures on how we can provide a safer working environment to all other road users. We also have access to the toolkits which are available on the FORS website and these include; a Fuel tracker, PCN tracker and Incident and collision management tool.

 “Guided toward the right path”

Throughout the years, we have monitored all vehicle activity within our fleet to compare performance output. The main activities monitored are; fuel usage, distance travelled, miles per gallon, engine idling and CO2 emissions.

‘Continuing to promote the FORS standards`

Between the years shown in the below table, we have made an annual improvement of 4 % based on our Litres per 100 kilometres travelled compared to the results in the years 2014/2015. We also have on display the amount of incidents per 100,000 kilometres. Comparing the two figures, we have made an overall improvement of 12% over the year.

  MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms
Jan-Dec 2014 50.98 2.61
Jan-Dec 2015 48.70 2.29
Percentage improvement 4.4% 12%

Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

 Since we were first introduced to FORS, we have witnessed how FORS has helped us to improve safety, fuel efficiency and vehicle emissions throughout our operation. From starting as a Bronze member, and working our way up to Gold accreditation, the path has been challenging, but well worth its value in the end. Dafcon Haulage Ltd will continue to promote FORS throughout our operation in the years to come.