Gatwick Group – “As good as Gold”

Gatwick Group – “As good as Gold”

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Gatwick Group has been providing Hiab hire, Construction Logistics and Contract Lifting solutions predominantly to the aviation, rail and construction industries since 1979. We have been working over the past two years to the FORS Silver standards and progression to the Gold Standards highlights our commitment to continual improvement. Lucie Watts, business development manager for the Transport sector of our business, ‘it is my role to demonstrate to FORS that we are as good as gold.’

Lucie explains, “we first learnt about FORS in the latter half of 2012, as we had ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accreditations, we wanted to use the FORS standards to show the continual improvement a small company could make in a big pond.”

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“We were fortunate enough to have had in place our Integrated Management System to allow us to achieve the Bronze standard first time. We were extremely pleased at the levels of support and assistance provided through the FORS assessment. It definitely helped us to identify improvements to our existing systems. It also enabled us to do works for Crossrail where the FORS standards are a requirement.”

“Following on from the Bronze assessment we were keen to progress to Silver, we achieved this in June 2014.”


“Progression for the Gold standard highlights our commitment to continual  improvement.”

The FORS benchmarking tool has enabled us to track our progress. “We have a Telematics reporting system in place on every vehicle. This has helped us to better plan our routes, reduce our idling time, utilise the fleet in a more productive way. FORS has also helped us to better manage our driving licence checks, they recommended using Advanced Check Ltd and we are now confident we can monitor any changes quickly and efficiently.”

Lucie goes on to explain “the FORS workshops have been a great tool for gaining and improving our knowledge. We were able to put all our operatives through the Safe Urban Driver Courses (SUDS). They found this to be a valuable insight into the difficulties both cyclists and HGV drivers face. We have updated our vehicles with additional features to exceed the standard requirements, such as Side Scan Sensors, Turning Left warning systems, CCTV, 5 cameras and Fresnel lenses to alert drivers and protect cyclists. All our operatives have completed the FORS E-Learning training too. We are insistent that they are reminded of their responsibility to vulnerable road users and how to drive with a sustainable ethos in mind. We regularly keep the drivers updated through tool box talks and transmittals.”

Using the benchmarking system that FORS recommend, we have seen real improvements. Although we have travelled more miles in 2014 we have increased our MPG by 9.5%. We have saved money on our fuel purchasing but more importantly FORS has helped us achieve a reduction in our fuel consumption by 3.35% and a reduction in our CO2 emissions by 3.3%. We have ensured all our Hiab lorries have automated gear boxes and a Power On Demand facility on all the Hiab cranes. This has helped to cut our fuel consumption, and particularly any over revving.

FORS has helped us achieve a reduction in our fuel consumption by 3.35% and a reduction in our CO2 emissions by 3.3%

MPG Incidents Per 100,000kms Total Diesel Consumption (Litres) Distance Travelled (Miles) Co2 Output (Tonnes)
Jan-Dec 2013
8.5 0.20 185929.00 345783 59.97
Jan-Dec 2014 9.3 0.19 179955.00 374295 58.04
Percentage improvement 9.5%  0.1% 3.35% 3.3%

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Achieving our Gold accreditation would mean so much to us as a company. We have used the advice and standards provided by FORS to continually improve as a company. Lucie states “I am extremely dedicated to sustainably improving our green credentials. I have a degree in Sustainable Development and am extremely proud to be the Fuel and Emissions champion for the business. We have invested in a new Euro 6 088 Hiab multi-functioning vehicle and we are always looking at new technologies to further improve our carbon footprint. We are in the process of purchasing 2 new Hiab vehicles with the Euro 6 engines by the end of 2015. We will be replacing the rest of our Fleet to ensure all our vehicles have Euro 6 engines by the end of 2016. Achieving Gold will affirm what we have achieved so far but we see this as a continuous journey and look forward to making sustained improvements in all areas of our business.”


 Lucie Watts