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Powerday has a long and successful track record in waste management and associated services. The company has been trading since 1977, its original business supplying plant and labour to the construction sector.  During the  1980’s and ‘90’s, the company evolved into an integrated waste management business and has over the last 8 years invested significantly in the development of modern state-of-the-art recycling plant, facilities, vehicles and equipment. Our business has three operational locations. Our main Materials Recovery Facility in North West London, not far from the Iconic new Wembley Stadium, and two waste transfer stations in North East and South West London.


FORS 18Powerday also owns and operates one of the largest independent fleets of skip, roll on roll off, mobile compactor and bulk haulage vehicles, all driven by directly employed, trained and authorised drivers. This is supported by an extensive inventory of containers, which are subject to continual appraisal refurbishment and renewal.

Current industry compliance requirements demand experienced management working alongside knowledgeable authorised drivers and vehicles.  In addition to Powerday’s ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 accreditation, all drivers are fully trained and vehicles are fitted with Euro 6 Standard engines, reducing our carbon footprint by 20% All vehicles are fully compliant with the Crossrail Vehicle Specification and FORS Standard.



Powerday regards its corporate and social responsibilities as a priority. High profile contracts in and around London demand high operating

standards. Modern business means professionalism and compliance. By gaining FORS accreditation and developing our driver’s skills and qualifications through CPCS we can deliver the type of service required in a safe and compliant manner



The FORS ‘Journey’

Bill Cox, Powerday’s Transport Manager explains

“Powerday has always considered its CSR as a priority and regards the FORS Standard as an enhancement to this responsibility.

Training plays a key role in the development of our business. All Powerday staff are provided with the correct training to enable them to carry out their duties in the most efficient, safe and cost effective way. Our drivers are no exception and recognise the benefits and are keen to get involved. In addition to FORS they participate in Crossrail Compliance Training, Safe Urban Driving and the Construction Plant Certification Scheme.

FORS 20FORS has been instrumental in raising the awareness of safety issues by vehicle operators. Powerday welcomes any move to improve the standard of its operations.

All of our vehicles are fitted with a four camera black box system which allows me to easily analyse driver and vehicle performance, left hand turn alerts and side sensors. Combined with driver input and safety workgroups we are able to develop new systems of work.

We cannot forget the financial benefits that the FORS Standard brings to the business, in the form of reduced insurance premiums, fuel usage and driver incidents


As a fully committed FORS Practitioner, I am able to use the tools for further development and training, which in turn reinforces the standard. In summary, FORS has contributed to a safer operation for Powerday”


Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim