H. Sivyer (Transport) Ltd – maximising the benefits of FORS (Year 2 of Gold accreditation)

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H. Sivyer (Transport) Ltd – maximising the benefits of FORS (Year 2 of Gold accreditation)

“Our waste management, recycling and aggregates haulage business was established over 100 years ago in Sydenham by Henry Sivyer and there are now 5 depots in the Greater London area. With up to 100 vehicles, up to 44 Tonnes, involved in the organisation the daily management of the fleet requires experienced, reliable and motivated staff to lead the driver workforce with a focus on balancing operational demands with transport compliance requirements.”

Compliance Manager, Mario Hellawell, has a key role and acts as a buffer between the drivers and senior management, reporting directly to Matthew Carter, the Sales and Logistics Director who himself has a wealth of experience from within the transport industry. Between them they have been heavily involved in establishing the FORS standards throughout the business and maintaining what are seen as essential check mechanisms that ensure drivers and management buy in to this culture of continuous development of staff which underpin adherence to the highest safety levels.

In this second year of FORS Gold accreditation Mario comments below on how the Standard continues to help the business, and him, to consolidate and build upon existing systems and working practices.

paramount 2 “Having been involved with FORS for 4 years now it is motivating personally and for the staff and drivers that are the backbone of our transport operation to see the benefits that the Standard is bringing to the efficiencies and improved ways of working. Through working with the standard as well as other key partners and stakeholders, including CLOCS, the past 12 months have seen:

  • Over 100 drivers certified for Safe Urban Driver training through workshop attendance
  • Quotes for work where FORS attainment has been instrumental in securing contracts
  • Over 40 drivers (and growing) who have observed FORS e-learning modules on cycle safety and work related road risk
  • The company adapting its comprehensive toolbox talk programme to mirror aspects of FORS safety considerations
  • Sponsorship of the Bike Show in February and the CLOCS event in March
  • Reducing our insurance costs
  • As a FORS Practitioner the programme has allowed me to pass on key messages to relevant staff to ensure the business benefits from fuel economies and other best practice initiatives
  • 60 drivers attending the FORS funded Staying Legal course

As one of Crossrail’s main contractors we have been approached by DSJV and are participating in an event on 17th May “Exchanging Places” which will provide a platform to highlight the dangers to cyclists when travelling on London’s roads. This event will allow us to demonstrate to the public the respective dangers and in particular how Sivyers is contributing to the protection of Vulnerable Road users through our ongoing involvement with FORS and CLOCS.

Through our own in-house policies and procedural requirements close attention is paid to the analysis of infringements relating to drivers’ hours offences for over 100 drivers who are regularly reminded of their responsibilities in this area. A direct comparison for identical periods between 2015 and 2016 show an improvement in the table below:

  Drivers’ hours Infringement rate Number of vehicles
April 2015 0.15 79
April 2016 0.04 95
Percentage improvement 11%

FORS has continued to help us ensure we are alert and proactive in addressing issues before they become out of hand and has provided us with a means for measuring our achievements and setting benchmarks for further improvement. Going forward we can only see the business building on what has already been achieved through ongoing involvement with the Standard.”