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Based in both East and West London, Hall Fuels supply oil to commercial customers across the Capital. Andy Liddle, Operations Manager, tells us how FORS has helped them to gain a competitive edge and encouraged innovation in their operation.

"We first came across FORS as a contractual condition for anyone working on Crossrail" explains Andy, "we did some digging around to see if it would be beneficial to us. We soon realised it would be a great opportunity to measure our current company standards against a standard which was perceived to be industry best practice."

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"Preparing for the initial FORS assessment, we began to realise that we actually had a lot of good practice in place, we just didn't have it recorded. We spent time putting our procedures and policies into a comprehensive manual and we passed our bronze assessment first time" continues Andy, "we had some very positive feedback which really motivated us to continue achieving."

"As soon as we achieved our bronze accreditation, we were working towards silver. Having always assessed ourselves and collected the relevant information, we were able to enter a year's worth of data to the benchmarking system straight away and achieve silver status just a month later. The benefit to us is the way the benchmarking system condenses our data into one accessible location and produces graphs that are easy to interpret."

"We had a lot of good practice in place, we just didn't have it recorded"

"Being able to compare ourselves with other hauliers brought out our competitive side" says Andy, "you look at the figures and wonder how you can improve, to become the best. It gave us an incentive to do better."

"For us, in order to gain an edge, it wasn't so much a case of implementing new procedures as much as refining the existing ones. As a company, we've always been keen on innovation, we have design specification meetings once or twice a year and we introduce new technology as it progresses, like our on-board truck computers, tracking systems and proximity sensors."

"Comparing ourselves to other hauliers gave us an incentive to do better - to be more competitive"

"We like to be ahead of the game and take a proactive approach" advises Andy, "we've been committed to achieving gold and it's paid off. When Crossrail required us to fit proximity sensors we were able to say that we already had them fitted. We also carry out mock VOSA inspections on our drivers, it means they know what to expect should they get stopped and makes the process less time consuming."

"Probably the best measure we've introduced since joining FORS is the monthly fleet vehicle checks. Quite a few times we've managed to catch problems before they cause a breakdown on the road - prevention is always the better option"

Hall Fuels' commitment to innovation and continual progression has resulted in significant improvements for the company:

  Fuel Performance (MPG) KGs of CO2 Incidents per 100,000 Kms PCNs per 100,000 Volume Delivered (litres)
Jan - Dec 2010 8.12 4040.3 0.88 0.8 118,840,544
Jan - Dec 2011 7.58 3571.93 0.78 0.44 135,484,851
Percentage difference 6% 11.60% 11.30% 45% 14%

Annual change in MPG, CO2, Incidents, PCNs and volume delivered

[Andy Liddle, Operations Manager with Graham Kay, Fleet Manager]Andy Liddle, Operations Manager (right) with Graham Kay, Fleet Manager (left)]"Since 2011, we've streamlined the efficiency of our operation by pulling back the delivery area so we really only engage in urban driving now - our Miles Per Gallon (MPG) has gone down as a result but we delivered 14% more volume in 2011 than we did in 2010 with the same number of vehicles on the road." explains Andy. "Our engines have to run whilst we're pumping fuel so we're happy with our MPG figures. Knowing our operation is unique and seeing the increase in productivity, we can feel extremely satisfied with the results we're getting."