HSS Hire Service Group ” Joining the elite” Going for Gold

HSS Hire Service Group ” Joining the elite” Going for Gold

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HSS is the UK’s original tool and equipment hire company. Focused on delivering Safety, Value, Availability and Support, we work predominately with ‘business-to-business’ customers in the ‘fit-out, maintain and operate’ sectors. We are dedicated to helping them all work safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. We have a network of over 256 locations nationwide.

Aaron Powell National Fleet Manager says we’ve come a long way since we were founded in 1957, we have made huge strides in reducing our fuel consumption and reducing accidents FORS has played a major part in us achieving our goals

HSS joined FORS in its very early infant stage becoming member 000162, we saw it as the standard that should be met by all companies, and very much wanted to be a major part of it.


HSS passed both the Bronze and Silver accreditations first time and it proved to us that we were operating at a very high standard but we are always looking to progress and improve and Gold will take us to that next level.

Once we were accredited we displayed the FORS logo with pride on all our vehicles, we made use of the excellent training options that FORS made available and we continue to do so.

FORS is the recognition and reward of excellence. To raise the standards of fleet operators. It is an excellent way to prove to existing and potential clients of our credentials as a high performing operator who adheres to high quality standards


We have a current FORS practitioner with the group.I am also attending the seminars to become a FORS Practitioner, we believe that the workshops are a great source

of information and help us to continually improve standards. We also sent our CPC trainers on the training sessions provided by FORS to enable us to implement the ideas and knowledge in to our driver CPC courses.

FORS is the benchmark for demonstrating strong levels of safety and compliance among commercial vehicle operators moving to Gold excels us to operate at the very highest standard which is exactly where we want to be.

MPG  Incidents per 100,00 Kms
Jan – Dec 2013
9.72 6.2
Jan – Dec 2014 10.22 4.5
Percentage improvement 5.10%  27%

Annual improvement in MPG of 5.10%, we estimate the saving to be a further 10% by the end of 2015. Incidents have reduced by 27% per 100,000 KMS from 2013 to 2014

HSSTo achieve Gold accreditation would be a huge for HSS Hire, it will show our clients that they are dealing with a professional company who strive to achieve the very highest standards and how fully committed we are to Safety and the environment, For me personally it will be a great achievement and acknowledgment for all the hard work both my team and I do. To sum up what FORS has done for HSS, At HSS we strive to achieve the very highest standards and FORS has played a major part in getting us to that level, I would recommend FORS to all commercial vehicle operators that want to achieve the same levels of consistency and professionalism