Improving our logistic operations with FORS Gold Accreditation

Improving our logistic operations with FORS Gold Accreditation

Fire protection Ltd is part of the Hotchkiss group and one of the Britain’s leading manufacturers and installers of fire-resistant ductwork. Fire Protection Ltd markets the Flamebar range of passive fire resistant products, including the highly successful Flamebar BW11 fire rated duct system.

We were made aware of FORS when tendering for work across London and we looked at the requirements and benefits of joining the scheme and we saw that it fitted perfectly with our ethos of improving safety and fuel efficiency.

fire protectionMartin Clarke is our Transport Manager and Fuel Champion as he knows very well how important it is to keep running costs down while running a very safe and efficient Fleet.

We first gained FORS Bronze in August 2013. The following year in March we achieved Silver and last year April we got the Gold recognition by improving on the existing system we already have in place.

The safety of vulnerable road users and fuel efficiency is the area we consider of paramount important and working with FORS, such as through their workshops which has provided a further impetus and helped in consolidate awareness across our transport operation.

FORS has provided our driver with better training through E- Learning such as work related road safety, cycle safety, fuel efficiency and parking / loading legally, also with the in house tool box talk which has given us real drivers focus and has helped our fleet operative become more involved in ensuring the fleet operation is professional and competent.

In March 2015 to Feb 2016 we have achieved a reduction of 0.7 tonnes of CO2 per annum and also a reduction of 6,610 in mileage per annum as shown below. We can attribute these savings predominantly to FORS training and our planning system which ensures our vehicle run the most efficient routes and minimise unnecessary road miles.

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FORS has also help with the introduction of vehicle inspection process, driving licence check from DVLA and vehicle maintenance records.
Fire Protection has an ongoing commitment to vehicle safety improvement and fuel efficiency which has contributed significantly to road safety where fire prot 2cyclists and pedestrian are in closer proximity and the decrease to our fleet CO2 which has been achieved through the FORS E learning and the CPC related training, in addition the company has now fitted four blind spot cameras to our new van which gives our driver that extra awareness.

We are proud to be FORS gold accredited, but we can’t rest on our laurels because we intend to continue to monitor and advance with FORS by moving with the elite of enviable Gold accreditation status. We will continue to achieve with FORS as it is not an exclusive club but a necessary addition to any business and we strive to do better by applying FORS principle and practice throughout our business.