J A Mackenzie Limited – moving forward

J A Mackenzie Limited – moving forward

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J A Mackenzie Limited are a specialist haulage and lifting company based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. We are a small company with a fleet of 5 vehicles specialising in the movement of heavy sculpture and heavy industrial (heating systems and uninterruptible power supplies).

Jimmy Mackenzie, Managing Director, explains how J A Mackenzie Limited have achieved huge reductions in fuel use through FORS. “By monitoring your fuel use closely – you start to focus on how much you really use – and how you can cut usage”.

“When we first applied for FORS accreditation, it was fairly new – not er – two years one and it is becoming more and more of a must have in the industry. This is great – because it is improving the standards of the industry in so many ways”.

Ja mckenxJ A Mackenzie Limited passed their bronze audit with a few amendments needed. This is fine though – because it means there is a learning curve. At the time the company was going through swift growth and as a result, restructuring. We weren’t a little company any more we had grown, still small but all the same very recognisable in our field. It was important to show we had FORS behind us.

Obtaining the bronze accreditation made us more focused and determined to move onto Silver as soon as we were able. We have implemented all the systems required of us and have been at Gold Standard for nearly a year now. The staff are really feeling the benefits – there is a string focus on training – and we have been sure to get whatever training we can to be the best we can be.

“We weren’t a little company any more we had grown…”

By becoming FORS recognised – our customers will track us down on that alone. Often the first question we are asked is “have you got FORS?” As soon as we say yes – you can tell they believe they are dealing with a professional company that really cares about their business – but also the environment.

“…..you can tell they believe they are dealing with a professional company that really cares”

Co2 in tonnes/ per vehicle average
September 2014 – april 2015 5.47
May 2015 – March 2016 4.34
Percentage improvement 20.6%

Ja mackenzie 2Our motto is ‘Lifting Standards’ – and we will always strive to do just that.  Being associated with FORS means that high standards are slightly easier to attain, but also that we are part of a scheme with like- minded companies and individuals – which has to be a good thing.