Jaggards Transport Ltd

Jaggards Transport Ltd

Jaggards Transport Ltd are a well established transport company based near Bury St Edmunds.

Lee Coddington, Company Director and Transport Manager explains how FORS has spearheaded the introduction of initiatives that have assisted in the improvement of operational efficiency. The introduction of enhanced safety mechanisms on the fleet have been welcomed by all those within the business and meet the strict “Safety First” ethos practiced in our business. We want to demonstrate that FORS Gold is achievable, acting as the benchmark for all in the transport sector.

“Introduction to FORS was through one of our valued clients, at that time we operated a small fleet of vehicles focused on deliveries into and around London. We planned from the start provide the best service possible, as part of that service it meant we wanted to achieve FORS accreditation status. We achieved FORS Bronze in 2013 and with the assistance of Fleet Development we achieved FORS Silver accreditation in 2014.

Jaggards1“Our experience with the initial FORS Bronze assessment was positive, we did not really know what to expect during the FORS assessment. We are pleased to say the guidance and support from the audit team was professional. We are pleased to say FORS has fitted in well with our overall ethos of business improvement.

“As an accredited FORS company our next step was to monitor and improve. We monitored our fuel usage, vehicle and driver performance and I took the role of Fuel Champion.

“Our business has grown quickly and we established the need to have the right vehicles for the right job ensuring we had the capacity to enable more efficient deliveries, this has allowed us to reduce our environmental impact as prior to the acquisition of these vehicles we would simply use any vehicle to meet client demand.

“ Our experience with FORS has been positive”

“A key issue is fuel usage and environmental impact, as our fleet grew we had an unrivalled opportunity to procure the best vehicles for the job but to also ensure those vehicles impacted a little as possible on the environment. We also looked to reduce our fuel usage by way of better route planning, greater vehicle utilisation and the latest vehicle technology. We have seen an increase in fuel economy of around 16%.

MPG Fleet size
Apr – March 13-14 12.0 6
Apr – Mar 14-15 14.0 7
Percentage improvement 16%

“The FORS workshops and online information has allowed us to gain the knowledge required to minimise the risk of receiving PCN’s and other driving infractions and all our staff will undertake FORS E Learning to further improve our operation efficiencies.

“We want to be the best”

Jaggards“We have come a long way since we were founded in 2012. We continue to monitor and look to improve our operation at every opportunity.”

“The kudos associated with FORS Gold adds to the professionalism that our company strives to achieve in everything we do and we certainly display our FORS logo with pride.”