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M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd opened the gates to a small family run business 29 years ago, the company has been built up gradually and grown from strength to strength over the years. Based on the outskirts of London. We specialise in Tipper Lorries along Volumetric Mixers and Roll on Roll off Lorries.

M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd have been a part of FORS from the start, our membership number is 0152. I now believe FORS has over five thousand associates or FORS members. Alongside M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd in 1998, Neptune Contract Services Ltd was formed. This is Recycling Centre where we recycle 99% of the materials tipped in our Dagenham site. My Name is Billie- Jo Fitzpatrick I have worked for M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd now for many years and deal with all the FORS paper work and keeping our Lorries as safe as they can be, myself and Margaret Long the company owner are FORS practitioner after attending all the FORS workshops.

Since M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd have been a part of FORS we have gain a lot of useful information to make our fleet have achieved huge reductions in fuel use through FORS. M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd came across FORS when the scheme first started when Darren Walpole who at the time worked for the local Transport police for the Dagenham area.

M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd and Darren Walpole built a great working relationship, Darren was always keen to help M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd to run a safe fleet he was always coming up with ideas and helping the company. Darren would pop in telling us of new things in the area. One day Darren Walpole came to us and told us all about FORS and how perfect that M Long would be to joining the scheme. We shortly after joint FORS and we have never looked back, as a small family run business the things FORS has given us are goals and structure this has then enabled the company to grow a safer more efficient fleet.

Since M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd have been a part of FORS we have gain a lot of useful information to make our fleet more efficient. Before we had FORS we had no way of doing licence checks as a company we were too small to go to the DVLA direct but thanks to FORS we now have Advanced Checks.

M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd are pleased to say becoming FORS bronze members was very painless at the time Darren Walpole put us forward to join FORS he also put the company in touch with Terry Jefferson who is now our transport adviser. A long with Terry Jefferson help we passed our bronze assessment first time with no problems, Myself and Margaret Long attended all the FORS workshops which were great not only did we get helpful advice we got time to network with other companies and share idea with helpful tips with other similar companies in the industry.

M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd have seen improvements with their fuel management which is driven through professional highly trained staff who understand the benefits they can deliver through the conservation of fuel and with an understanding of how this effect company profits and in turn their own wages.

"A consistent standard communicated, and trained to be best practice delivers results."

This has all come about through the FORS programme from the tracking, measuring and comparing of fuel usage to training sessions for staff and communication and workshops of anti-idling and harsh braking and the sharing of best practice. FORS is a consistent standard, communicated, and trained to be best practice which delivers results.

  Litres of Fuel CO2 output
May- April 2012- 2013 108303 286.778
May - April 2013-2014 97295 257.629

M Long Haulage and Daughters Ltd run several schemes to reduce and improve fuel consumption one of these would be our fuel idling policy, We run workshops and regular briefing for all our drivers, encouraging driver to turn off engines where possible, whilst parked or on breaks and in exceptional cases when in traffic if safe to do so, this in itself will reduce up to 2 litres of fuel an hour with our vehicles saving on average 2hr 7mins a day of idling time which comes from running the engine for cab heating/cooling, during breaks and whilst waiting for loading and unloading, with 239 working days a year, Using the calculation that 1 litre of diesel weighs 835 grams with diesel consist of 86.2% carbon or 720 grams of carbon per litre of diesel, 1920 grams of oxygen is therefore needed this gives the calculation of 720 1920=2640g of co2/litre giving a total reduction of 2t 670.89kg co2 across the fleet just in idling time. This is something we are very proud of as not only does it give us a cost saving of £1522.91 but promotes a greener London.

M Long Haulage and daughters Ltd are proud to have been with FORS from early in the programme and as FORS grows it is our intention to grow with the scheme as FORS has been fundamental in the growth of our business, it has been the forefront and foundation of training for our team to drive cost down and maximise profit to in turn drive growth. We believe in the benefits and purpose of FORS and we will continue to work with are business partners to share best practices and help others to join and benefit from this great programme.