Marshalls Plc – Safer Urban Driving

Marshalls Plc – Safer Urban Driving

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Marshalls are one of the largest suppliers of hard landscaping materials to the construction sector. Steve Linham Southern Regional Logistics manager based in Sandy Beds, a keen cyclist, was well placed to promote Safer Urban Driving to their 150 drivers.

We came across FORS from our membership of the FTA and soon realised its importance in promoting best practice and giving us access to numerous training and networking opportunities as well as fulfilling contractual requirements when delivering to Crossrail sites.

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Marshalls passed the Bronze assessment fist time and it showed us that although we operated professionally FORS offered access to training and tools to help us improve.

Once we attained Bronze we progressed to Silver in March 2014 and adopted many of the best practice ideas, especially when specifying vehicles for our major fleet replacement programme in 2013/14.

“FORS offered access to training and tools to help us improve”

All our fleet of 150 vehicles are fitted with 360 degree cameras, near side proximity sensors and audible turn left alarms. We carried out all DCPC training in house but soon realised that Safer Urban Driver training required specialist knowledge so tapped into the FORS network of training providers. All Southern based drivers have now attended the SUD course and we are rolling this out nationally as more urban areas and national customers adopt the FORS standard. In addition we have also become CLOCS champions.

“We tapped into the FORS network of training providers”

Marshalls SLGaining Gold will gives us recognition within our sector that we take our commitment to safe urban driving seriously and give customers confidence that goods are delivered on vehicles equipped with the latest safety aids and operated by drivers trained to meet the challenges of delivering in urban areas, where we have to share the roads with vulnerable road users. FORS has helped us focus on the need to introduce new equipment, technology and training to ensure the safety of all road users.