McFen Plant Ltd – Five Years On

McFen Plant Ltd – Five Years On


McFen Plant are an independent plant, road sweeper hire and heavy haulage company, based in Canning Town, East London. We provide Plant Hire, Road Sweeper Hire and transport services to the construction industry.

Like a lot of companies McFen Plant originally came across FORS for contractual reasons, after achieving the FORS Bronze accreditation March 2012 to satisfy the contract we looked more deeply into the FORS ethos and decided that there was more to FORS than just a tick in a box. With this in mind McFen set about achieving the highly regarded Gold accreditation, which we achieved in May 2013 and have maintained to this present day.

Would I say that by being a FORS Gold accredited company opened up more business opportunities for McFen I would say not necessarily however it did ensure that no door was closed as our clients embraced the FORS standards, or as my industry has done introduced a new standard CLOCS which encapsulates the FORS standards. .

On becoming FORS accredited in 2012 I decided to take advantage of the funded practitioner course offered by FORS, which I found informative, and a source of knowledge which was shared by my peers in an open arena. In fact I found it so helpful that all the senior managers and the Managing Director of McFen Plant have also attended and achieved their practitioners certificates.

‘We’re now going to enroll our two new members of our office hire team on the FORS practitioners course’

McFen Plant have also taken advantage of the excellent funded Safe Urban Driving course, which is a Driver CPC periodic training unit so yet again FORS providing another major benefit to McFen Plant by ensuring our drivers are better equipped when driving on the streets of London and providing them with the perspective of other vulnerable road users.

‘Our drivers all hold their Driver CPC qualification and also attend their yearly training courses, we hold copies of their certificates and keep a register of their training’


Incidents per 100,000 Kms

Sep 2015-Aug 2016



Sep 2016-Aug 2017



Percentage improvement



Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

mcfen 1The greatest benefit McFen Plant have seen during our four years as a FORS accredited company is the increase in fuel economy. However, we’ve found that in the past two years the fuel economy has gone down. This is due to the sites we’ve sweeping and not the economy of the fleet we run (sometimes Road Sweepers have to sweep the same stretch of road rather than travel a long distance). We’ve also increased our Road Sweeper fleet by adding two sweepers per year and Road Sweepers always bring down our MPG.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim