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Modernmix – Gold Progress

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Modernmix provides ready mix concrete for both domestic and commercial clients across London as well as Essex and Kent. Ready mix concrete allows you to continue work on site whilst knowing you will get the right quantity of exactly the right mix right when you need it. My name is Glen and I am the company Operations Manager. FORS is helping us to continually be preferred supplier to major players in the construction sector in and around London.

modern mixWe have been FORS members since 2012, gaining Silver accreditation in July 2014 and Gold in July 2015. From early on we knew the FORS benefits would help us to grow and improve year on year.

From the first Bronze audit we could see the benefits and need to develop and grow our business using the FORS principles. We have been using the performance management tools, online training and supplier benefits since they have been available to us.

 As an independent operator we were sure we could gain the Gold accreditation, as it was it took about 12 months to establish all of the criteria including baseline information for fuel use and training programme. FORS introduced us to new training providers offering very reasonably priced courses and of course the Safe Urban Driving module. We also use the services of a driver licence checking company and vehicle CCTV company all introduced via the FORS portal.

‘It took about 12 months to establish all of the criteria’

In the past 12 months we have increased the size of our fleet so would expect MPG figures and the like to have decreased but in fact we now operate more vehicles and have managed to increase our MPG and lower our incident rates. This is via a successful programme for drivers by accessing industry specific training and lower emission vehicles.

‘We now operate more vehicles and have managed to increase our MPG’

  MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms
Jan-Dec 2014 4.53 4.2
Jan-Dec 2015 5.14 1.63
Percentage improvement 13.5% 61%

Annual improvement in MPG and Incidents per 100,000 Kms

 modern mix 2FORS has opened a new avenue of possibilities for us a company not only to successfully gain large contracts in our sector but to improve our overall knowledge and commitment to the future of our business. We will continue to use the benefits on offer to us and are confident we can continually see improvements across all areas of our company.