Premier Carriers (Same Day) International Ltd – Going for Gold

Premier Carriers (Same Day) International Ltd – Going for Gold

Premier Carriers (Same Day) International Ltd is based in Dagenham and we are specialists in compliant logistics support covering the UK and Europe. Thomas Everett, Managing Director, explains Premier Carriers (Same Day) International Ltd are new to FORS and we have introduced systems to help make significant improvements by monitoring our fuel usage, set up a recording system for PCN’s and road traffic accidents.

 We were after some very prestige contracts and the FORS accreditation was a tendering requirement. We investigated FORS and we were very surprised by what it could help us achieve in terms of driver training, road safety and reducing our carbon footprint.

Premier Carriers (Same Day) International Ltd passed their initial audit second time round, this showed us that we had some issues within our organisation, from here we were encouraged to reassess the issues identified during the first Bronze audit and how to rectify them.

Once we were Bronze accredited, we decided that we should progress to Silver because we knew it would demonstrate to our customers our commitment to road safety and the environment.

Once accredited, we kept monitoring our fuel usage as we want to reduce our CO2, NOx, PM10 output and increase MPG.

Thomas Everitt – Managing Director – FORS has allowed us access to a greater customer marker which is expanding all the time.

Danny Chalmer – Transport Manager – FORS made us look at the inner workings of the business from a different perspective.

  • Performance data – We recently joined FORS so we are constantly watching our fuel performance to ensure we get the most out of each tank of fuel along with avoiding PCN’s and road traffic accidents.


Incidents per 100,000 Kms




Number of PCNs Proportion of fleet that uses alternative fuels
Year 2021 7.49 0 36.97 46.33 0.76 0 0%
Year Y xx xx xx xx xx xx xx%
Year Z xx xx xx xx xx xx xx%
Percentage improvement xx% xx% xx% xx% xx% xx% xx%
  • Driver health and fitness review – all drivers are required to complete a health declaration annually, we regularly speak to them about any issue that may affect their driving including mental health, stress, are they sleeping properly? We actively encourage them to speak to us regarding any issue that may lead to a lack of concentration while driving.
  • Recruitment of drivers – We recently took on 9 drivers and are always on the lookout for new talent. We also encourage our drivers to be on the lookout for potential drivers, be that family, friends or other drivers they have met on their travels.
  • Noise assessment – We carry out noise assessments on our vehicles and equipment, drivers have received toolbox talks on noise reduction, HIAB/Crane operators have been instructed to use slings instead of chains where practicable, drivers have also been trained in the use of hand signals rather than shouting instructions during loading and unloading operations. All vehicles have been fitted with cut out switches for the reversing alarm and audible left turn speakers should they need to be used at night in built up areas
  • Modal shift and alternative vehicles – We have looked at alternative powered vehicles and due to the long distances covered it is not practicable as we could not complete the journeys. However, our depot in Dagenham is used as a consolidation centre where goods are delivered by other contractors for individual projects. The project managers liaise with us to make full deliveries rather than have 30 or 40 deliveries per day from different courier or haulage companies.

We are always looking at ways to improve road safety, reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment. We have a Direct Vision Cab vehicle in our fleet and looking to increase this number as the older vehicles are taken out of service. All new vehicles must meet the ULEZ requirements and where practicable alternative powered or fuelled models will be added to the fleet

We promote FORS on our company website, our company documentation, email signatures, FORS logos on all our vehicles, on the drivers notice board and on the public notice board. We are actively promoting FORS to other businesses and we try not to use businesses who are not FORS accredited.

Gaining the FORS Gold accreditation will demonstrate that we as a company are a dedicated transport operator who is striving to reduce our carbon emissions, any harmful impact on the environment, continue to protect vulnerable road users ensuring their road safety and actively promoting road safety at all times.

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