Muztrans – Our Fleet of Gold

Muztrans – Our Fleet of Gold

Muztrans is a General Haulage supplier based in Belvedere, Kent on the outskirts of South East London. Established in 2009 our three Directors have more than 50 years cumulative experience within the haulage industry. 

We have proven ourselves to be a leading provider of logistical services to a wide range of industry clients, both within London and nationwide.

Being based within close proximity to London benefits our ever increasing customer base, delivering to a wide range of businesses in and around London, for the Construction, Rail, Civil Engineering and Manufacturing Industries.

1 We operate a varied fleet of 43 vehicles ranging in size from transit and rigid vehicles to 44 tonne articulated vehicles, including those with specialist remote lifting equipment and specialist trailers.

FORS Coordinator and Compliance Officer, Donna Welsh explains how FORS has proven to be a driving force behind improved company operations.

Muztrans were initially introduced to FORS via the Crossrail project and with the ever changing compliance demands of operating within London, as a company we knew that FORS was the only way forward.

We acquired our Bronze accreditation back in 2010 and we feel we have developed as a company alongside the progressive changes to the FORS Standards over recent years and on hearing that FORS was to be rolled out nationwide, just went further to confirm our commitment to the standards

On achieving Bronze accreditation in our initial audit, proved we were heading in the right direction. Many of the Bronze standards coincide with our operating licence undertakings, this gave us increased confidence that we were making all the rights steps in ensuring we remain a compliant operator along with our Green Status Operator Compliance Risk Score.

From here onwards our FORS journey continued. Company policies and procedures were further developed and we made use of all the recourses FORS had to offer.  Procedures were put in place to track fuel usage, traffic incidents and penalty charge notices. This gave us the clear starting point we needed in order to progress.

For the next step of our journey, we then turned our attention to driver training. Again, with the aid of FORS we developed a detailed Driver Induction program within the company.  Additionally, Driver Development Training was implemented and our entire fleet of drivers attended the FORS Safer Urban Driving CPC courses and although many of them were initially sceptical, any misconceptions they might have had soon disappeared, as we found they all returned with only positive things to say about the training.

This was also combined with the introduction of the FORS E-Learning modules, which along with the online toolbox talks, has proven to be an invaluable refresher training tool provided by FORS.  Committing to this comprehensive range of training methods provides us with huge confidence in a fully trained driving team and has aided our drivers understanding of their roles and responsibilities as professional drivers.

‘We were initially introduced to FORS via the Crossrail project and with the ever changing compliance demands of operating within London, as a company we knew that FORS was the only way forward’.  Donna Welsh – FORS Coordinator and Compliance Officer.  

FORS Practitioner workshops have also proven to be a practical way of both improving our knowledge and learning from others. We gained a wealth of information and returned to the office with many ideas being implemented within our procedures. Our compliance team have attended all of these training workshops, with myself and Joe Tack both gaining full practitioner status, which remains valid for 5 years.

‘Our aim is to run our business in the safest, most efficient, environmentally friendly way possible and being a Gold Operator continually motivates us to further enhance these goals’.   Tarkan Mazloum, Company Director

With the increasing contractual demand for Silver operators within the industry, progression to Silver was undoubtedly the only way forward for us. Silver requirements are aimed at drastically improving the overall safety of your fleet and safety has always been paramount for us at Muztrans. FORS has assisted us in enforcing these safety standards across our entire fleet and we committed to installing all the necessary equipment recommended by FORS to ensure our vehicles are safer for both drivers and for the vulnerable road user. In order to support that commitment further, we also took the additional step and completed the installation of 4-way CCTV camera systems across our entire fleet. This 4-way system is above the standard requirement, but this has assisted us in reducing our incident and collision data and we feel, will further prepare us for future requirements.

After acquiring Silver accreditation in 2014 our next steps towards progressing to Gold was to make meaningful improvements on these figures.  However, the FORS process had helped us to identify the requirement to implement a more time efficient system for monitoring fuel usage and gain confidence in the accuracy of our data collection. This led to the decision to invest in our on-site fuel supply, which after researching a number of different systems we were able to install updated technology direct to the fuel pump, which provides us with accurate comprehensive data, also linking into our off-site fuel cards.

We additionally introduced updated tracking technology across our entire fleet and this has proven to be an invaluable tool, helping us to monitor driving styles. This system alone has enable us to closely monitor speeding events and idling times and with the aid of monthly driver league tables, we have achieved a 11.02% improvement in idling times and a 10.42% improvement on speeding events against our initial 1st quarter figures.

The improvements to these figures, along with the FORS Fuel Efficient Driving modules and the Anti-Idling toolkits also provided by FORS, were reflected in our overall fleet performance figures. With hard evidence of these improvements we were extremely proud to achieve GOLD status back in 2016. This achievement has opened many doors for us contractually and improvements to our performance figures this year have only continued.

Although urban deliveries have increased, our overall MPG against our baseline yearly figures have seen a vast improvement, which in turn reduced our carbon footprint and with close monitoring along with an effective driver re-training program, these figures will only improve further.

  Fuel Usage Fleet MPG Total Incidents PCNs
Baseline Data 688,374 8.6 29 27
Aug 16 – Sept 2017 522,662 9.0 17 21
Percentage Improvement 24.7% 4.65% 41.37% 22.2%
  • Driver health and fitness is constantly monitored. All drivers are required to complete a comprehensive Fit 2 Drive Health & Fitness Declaration, together with the completion of eye sight checks. These are completed initially on induction, then 6 monthly thereafter.
  • Drivers are also required to inform us immediately of any issues that could affect their ability to drive, including any medication being taken and declarations are signed to confirm their compliance and understanding of this policy.
  • We have recently been developing a robust recruitment policy and we have taken steps to encourage young drivers into the industry. Firstly, we are building links to local schools in order to provide work placements. We have been passed as an approved work experience provider with the London Borough of Greenwich.

Our aim will be to ultimately provide apprenticeship opportunities to school leavers. We are hoping to be able to get involved with the local schools Job Fairs and potentially be able to deliver an information assembly or presentation providing year 11 students with an insight into the transport industry and the opportunities available to them.


  • Muztrans actively assess all activities to reduce noise pollution where reasonably practical. All vehicles are fitted with white noise reverse beepers which can be turned off manually where required for night time use.

Electronic Pallet trucks are also a new addition to help reduce noise created during deliveries and our strict anti-idling policy additionally aids the reduction of onsite noise whilst loading and unloading.

  • Whilst Muztrans have considered both modal shift and alternative vehicles, however due to the nature of our varied work neither railways, canals or pallet networks are an option, as were the use of alternative vehicles.

That being said Muztrans strive to make up for this in a number of ways including being 1 of 12 companies listed in the Transport for London Construction Consolidation Centre Directory.  Construction Consolidation Centres (CCC) are appropriately located distribution facilities where multiple bulk material deliveries are stored and transported to construction sites. Suppliers deliver materials to the CCC and stock is called off when required and then picked and packed into consolidated loads. Vehicles can then be utilised for reverse logistics operations with waste, damaged goods, pallets and stillages taken back to the CCC on the return journey.

The use of Construction Consolidation Centres offers huge environmental benefits for development sites and can reduce vehicle deliveries by up to 70%. Fewer deliveries mean less construction traffic, reduced vehicle emissions, noise and pollution.

However in order to make continual fleet improvements, we are constantly monitoring change within the transport industry and take on board all improvements that could benefit both the company and the environment.

With this in mind we have been progressing well with our vehicle modernisation program, by replacing many of our older vehicles with brand new Euro VI standard engines, including those with automated manual transmissions, both offering huge benefits with fuel consumption and lower emissions. We have already taken delivery of 9 brand new vehicles during this current year with a further 6 due for delivery by March 2018. This ongoing schedule will ensure that our entire fleet will be Euro VI standard by 2019 and prepare us in being compliant with the new Ultra Low Emission Zone Standards due to come into force and further reduce our carbon footprint.

We recently passed our reassessment for Silver, which is one of the requirements of the Gold Standards and believe that continuing to maintain our Gold accreditation will only promote our reputation positively within the industry and provide further evidence we are dedicated to improving road safety and the safety of vulnerable road users, whilst maintaining best practice. Our aim is to run our business in the safest, most efficient, environmentally friendly way possible and being a Gold operator continually motivates us to further enhance these goals.

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Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim.