Neil Yates Recovery Ltd – FORS Silver Specialized Vehicle Recovery

Neil Yates Recovery Ltd – FORS Silver Specialized Vehicle Recovery

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Neil Yates Recovery Ltd is based in Kent and has been supplying a vehicle breakdown and recovery service for 25 years.

Our location is close to the M20, M2 and M25 motorways giving us a quick response time to the major trunk roads in the South East of England.

first trOur fleet is varied and ranges from 4 x 4 vehicles and tilt and slide bed trucks for
car and van recovery, to heavy duty recovery trucks capable of towing a fully loaded articulated vehicle and lifting and righting a vehicle in the event of it overturning.

Neil Yates, Managing Director of Neil Yates Recovery Ltd, explains how the company has achieved huge reductions in fuel usage through FORS.

We came across FORS as it was a requirement for our specialist crane vehicles for multiple customers on the new London Underground project Crossrail.

In April 2014 we successfully completed the Bronze audit. Since receiving the Bronze Status we have received and completed many jobs at the new London Underground project Crossrail, which requires the FORS membership.

After receiving the Bronze FORS status we received information that would help us take advantage of a wealth of advice that would help us improve the running costs of all vehicles. We use the Fuel Telematics System to gain statistics on the MPG, fuel usage and the CO2 data for all the fleet. The Telematics System has also helped us gain information we need to monitor driver behaviour, MPG and idle time and in turn this has enabled us to identify the areas we need to improve in.

2nd image‘FORS has helped our company to gain new information that helps us to improve the running costs of the company’

FORS online e-learning newsletters have provided our company with information needed to improve all training to drivers and to subsequently arrange additional training for those that require it.

‘FORS has provided information to drivers through online training and helped them to consider the risks that they find in their working day and to improve their safety at work’

Our improvements as a company since receiving the Silver Status are that we have maintained and monitored the data on all the running costs of each vehicle, hence improving the efficiency of all vehicles. FORS has kept our drivers up to date with all the latest information to carry out their daily tasks to the highest standard.

MPG Incidents per 100,000 Kms
April 2014 – March 2015 10.12 2.9
April 2015 – March 2016 10.38 1.56
Percentage improvement 2.57%  46.21%

FORS has helped Neil Yates Recovery Ltd improve with the daily running of the company, being mindful of cost efficiency. We are confident that we can supply a high standard of service to our customers that can only get better being elevated to Gold Status.