Basra Trucking Ltd – Going For Gold

Basra Trucking Ltd – Going For Gold

Basra Trucking Ltd is a reputable sub-contractor that specializes in the transportation of aggregates materials for Tarmac (Aggregates and asphalt suppliers). Jagraj Basra, appointed director of the company in 2015, since having introduced the FORS standard, the day-to-day operations have significantly improved. Jagraj explains how FORS has been valuable to their company.

basraa 1We came across FORS when tendering for work in London. We looked at the benefits FORS had to offer and promptly implemented procedures to improve fuel efficiency and help preserve our fleet.

FORS was very helpful in providing indispensable training and tools to achieve both accreditations first time, now we are delighted to be working towards the Gold accreditation. The improvements that have been  made  since  achieving  bronze  and silver have been remarkable. The implementation of new procedures has enabled us to measure fuel usage and provide drivers with the appropriate knowledge to help preserve our vehicles.

The performance management toolkit provided by FORS is impeccable and has been important to our business. We have been able to set and achieve targets of improving vehicle MPG. The installation of proximity sensors, cameras and side guards has helped prevent collisions and improve driver visibility especially when reverse parking. Therefore, this has helped improve vehicle maintenance and reduced costs.

‘I am extremely pleased to be working towards the Gold accreditation. Having achieved both bronze and silver first, the improvements made from implementing the FORS standard has been impeccable to our business!’ – Jagraj Basra

The training and knowledge we have gained from FORS has further improved our awareness and the importance of being compliant with the FORS standards. For us to continue the transportation of aggregate materials and keep our existing contract with Tarmac, the FORS accreditation has become mandatory.

‘We have increased our quarterly KMPL by 2.09% thanks to FORS.’

KMPL Fuel Usage (litres)
Oct 2016 – Dec 2016 2.86 8227
Jan 2017 – Mar 2017 2.92 10822
Percentage improvement 2.09% 31.5%

Quarterly improvement in KMPL

basra 2

Going for the Gold accreditation will be a huge achievement for Basra Trucking Ltd. The toolkit provided by FORS has been impeccable! The installation of cameras, side guards and proximity sensors has helped us to reduce vehicle damages and maintenance costs. Therefore, improving our fleet preservation.

We have also provided compulsory training to our staff to control and improve fuel    efficiency    and    tackle    carbon emissions.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed