Regional Waste Recycling

Regional Waste Recycling

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Regional Waste Recycling are an established waste company based in Stratford east London. We remove non- hazardous waste from customers’ premises and process it at our own transfer station. The company has been based in Stratford for just over 9 years and is positioned in a busy part of London surrounded by super cycle highways, and due to this we have seen the increase in cyclists in the area including the areas where we work – we have made road safety a high priority.

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Alex Diaconeasa our Operations Manager is responsible for transport operations, Also Alex Diaconeasa and Ruslan Koval are FORS Practitioner. “We have been a FORS member since June 2012 and gained silver status in January 2014, and we are now doing refreshing a gold standard.

Throughout the membership, we have update the fleet profile and fitted cycle safety equipment as follows; side guards and proximity sensors, recordable cameras and class V and V1 mirrors to all our fleet. All the vehicles are also fitted with clear warning signs on the rear of the vehicle. Most of our term contracts that we undertake and tender for specify the requirement to be a FORS member and to have the above safety measures in place. Over year time with gold we replace two old vehicles to newest. We constantly use the FORS website for advice and news for up to date information, especially relating to the safety of vulnerable road users and any direct impact it is likely to have on our fleet and operations, also we satisfied with online driving training.

By ensuring driver training not only meets the standards required for our industry but is also specifically targeted at the safety of all road users The whole driver fleet attended Safe Urban Driving workshops is refreshing at 18/02/2017 and will repeat the exercise over the next 12 months), this has helped to ensure we fulfil our own regional fleet and transport policy. Having held our FORS silver accreditation since January 2014 having recently had it reapproved we feel that we have demonstrated our commitment to the safety of vulnerable road users for the reasons highlighted above.

As well as being committed to making the roads safer we are also keen to protect the environment. Since gaining FORS, we have encouraged all our drivers to “drive greener “by getting them to be more aware of the way they operate and drive the vehicles, be more fuel efficient with less heavy braking and idling as well as taking the shortest routes. This is constantly reinforced through our regular weekly toolbox talks.

We as a company are very proud of what we have achieved since joining FORS and look forward to working with our partners and contractors in making the roads safer whilst protecting the environment. We are committed to the FORS standard and what it represents and having the Gold accreditation will open up new doors with potential and existing customers and will be recognition of the hard work we continue to put in towards ensuring we continue to meet the high standards we aspire to. This Year Company targeting Fuel efficient driving training, also update fleet with newest track unit and get 360 vision cameras for all our vehicles.

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As can be seen at Regional Waste Recycling we are committed to all aspects of health and safety and have set a high priority to road driving risk and vulnerable road users. Going forward we will continue to aim to implement and introduce all safety aids to our fleet”.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim