SRC Aggregates Ltd – Maintaining Gold

SRC Aggregates Ltd – Maintaining Gold


SRC Aggregates is an independent, family owned business providing a number of top quality aggregate solutions, as well as quarry and agricultural reservoir planning and development, across East Anglia, London & Hertfordshire. Based at Highwood Quarry near Stansted we supply a diverse range of materials and services for construction, building and large scale civils projects across the UK. In addition, we operate state of the art recycling equipment, specialising in waste disposal services for inert, non-hazardous waste, as well as hazardous materials. Matthew Parker, Transport Manager is our elected Fuel and Emissions Champion and he explains how important FORS is to our Company

src 2We came across FORS when tendering for work across London. When we looked at the requirements and benefits of joining the scheme we saw that they fitted in perfectly with our ethos of improving safety whilst complementing our drive to improve fuel efficiency and reduce our environmental impact.

We take compliance and safety very seriously, so we achieved our Bronze and Silver Accreditation first time. FORS did help us by providing training and tools that improved our policies and procedures.

The performance management toolkit really helped us set our targets for reducing our carbon footprint and accidents. We also have regular managerial meetings to discuss our fuel usage and try and find out where we could make more savings. FORS has helped us improve our filing systems and procedures.

 ‘FORS has helped us achieve compliance and safety’

 All of our 43 vehicles are fitted with 360 degree cameras, near side proximity sensors and audible turn left alarms, Class IV, V, VI Mirrors, Fresnel Lenses, Flashing beacons on the roof of our cabs, cyclist safety stickers. All our drivers have completed all DCPC training and Safer Urban Driving courses, we tapped into the FORS network of training providers and safety equipment providers to save money.

‘We have reduced our Accidents to zero in the last 12 Months

 We have reduced our accidents which meant our insurance premiums also reduced. We hoping to improve on our Carbon Footprint by making sure our driver selects the best possible route to our sites and reduce our Idling across the Fleet too.

  Fleet Size Accidents
May 2014 – April 2015 27 6
May 2017 – April 2017 43 0
Percentage increase 49% increase 100% improvement

Annual improvement in accidents!

src 3Maintaining our FORS Gold Accreditation shows how dedicated we are as a company to improving road safety and the safety of all vulnerable road users in London as well as nationally. We will continuously use what FORS has taught us to help reduce our carbon footprint and make the roads so safer for everyone that uses them.

Please note: All published FORS Gold case studies have been submitted by the accredited company named above and transcribed verbatim