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Webster Miller Ltd

Webster Miller Ltd are based in Thurrock Grays and operates a fleet of articulated and rigid lorry’s with remote lifting facilities specialising in the transport of cabins, plant, machinery and steelwork. Mr Simon Steptoe and Jon Miller Directors of Webster Miller Ltd joined FORS in 2013.

“We were sceptical in the early days but are now totally convinced that FORS is the way forward, as a company we are totally committed to upholding the standards laid out by FORS”.

We were introduced to FORS by one of our clients; we were very impressed with their fuel management systems and implemented this into our own office.  They explained to us the benefits of this scheme, regarding fuel management and CO2 emissions and the effects on the Transport Industry. We have now joined forces with UK Fuels who recognise FORS requirements and have implemented a reporting structure to coincide with FORS requirements and Webster Millers analysis procedures.

webster millerWebster Miller passed the initial Bronze assessment the first time round, as we already had a lot in place including recording our fuel usage and MPG, the Bronze assessment showed us how to improve our systems and meet FORS requirements.  This encouraged us to do more to save on fuel, and management of our lorries, drivers and helping the company go forward.

“Since joining FORS we have noticed an increase in new customers that only want to deal with FORS accredited companies”.

Once we achieved Bronze we made the most of the benefits on offer, in particular getting the drivers through the FORS e-Learning modules, which we found were helpful and a good refresher for our drivers, keeping them on the ball and up to date.  We joined a driver licensing agency for driver checks.  A closer eye was kept on our fuel management and drivers were made aware of the benefits to us as a company with a more sensible safer driver.

FORS workshops have been a practical way of both improving our knowledge and learning from others, we have fitted all of our lorries with blind spot cameras and side alarms.  They give our drivers that extra visibility and peace of mind. All our drivers have attended the Safe Urban Driving Course which we believe will have a significant impact in reducing the number of cycle incidents and giving the driver a greater understanding of cyclists on the road.

“Not only has joining FORS given us a leaner greener way of operating but has also had a positive financial impact on our business”.

We already had a tracking system in place, which allowed us to monitor each vehicle and driver behaviour namely idling, heavy breaking and harsh acceleration.  The use of this system allows us to look more closely at our driver’s  fuel economy,  fuel consumption and driving styles.  We started to analyse our PCN’s therefore recording the last two years, and e-learning with our drivers refresher course.

Jan-Dec 2014 7.12
Jan-Dec 2015 6.05
Percentage improvement N/A

webster miller 2Becoming gold accredited for us as a company is a reassurance that we are on the right path.  Keeping up to date, current and watching our company grow with our staff and environment in mind.

“We are proud to be a part of making our surrounding areas a safer and cleaner place to live and work”.