Whites Transport Ltd FORS Gold Haulier

Whites Transport Ltd FORS Gold Haulier

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Whites Transport Ltd have been supplying road haulage services to customers across the UK and Europe for 60 years. Our close proximity to London, befits our customer base, delivering to businesses in London and the surrounding area. Our fleet consists of 35 vehicles, ranging from small vans and rigid vehicles, to 44,000kg articulated vehicles and HIABs.

whites 2Jonathan White, Operations Director, explains how Whites Transport has achieved increased performance, and achieved significant reductions in fuel usage, through FORS.

Following a request from one of our customers in 2011, we began investigating FORS membership. As an ISO 9001 certified company, we focus on quality standards, and are always looking for ways to improve our quality of service. The systems offered and encouraged by FORS were an obvious choice for us.

In October 2011, we successfully completed our Bronze audit. Since achieving Bronze accreditation, in addition to the FORS performance management practices, and e-learning modules, we have benefitted through pre-qualification in requests for tender with companies such as DSJV (Crossrail project), where FORS membership is a contractual requirement for all suppliers.

‘FORS e-learning modules have encouraged our drivers consider the risks found in their working environment, bringing clear improvements to our drivers’ quality standards.’

whites 3Following our initial Bronze audit, we took advantage of our TomTom web-fleet software, in order to track fuel usage and mileage along with looking into traffic incidents, and penalty charge notices, this gave us a clear starting point, to improve upon. We also took advantage of e-learning modules for staff, and reduced cost of Advanced Check for FORS members. These key benefits brought about immediate improvement in our operation, through more reliable checking of driver licences, and training modules. Although we were already heavily focussed on vehicle and driver safety, we used FORS e-learning modules, workshops, and newsletters, to gain vital safety advice, and fitted additional cycling safety systems onto all vehicles operating in urban areas. This has led to improved vehicle safety and increased driver confidence in urban areas.

‘FORS has provided an excellent platform for improvement within our company, and continues to offer innovative training and performance management tools’

FORS online ‘e-learning’ tool and FORS workshops & newsletters have enabled us to improve the level of training we offer to our staff, and to focus our safety improvements more effectively. In addition to this, another key benefit of FORS membership has been the incentive to keep track of our fleet data through the TomTom webfleet software, which we have used to develop our of performance management tool, and have seen marked improvements from. Most relevant, is the reduction in CO2 output, over the past 12 months. After using the performance management tool for the base year, we identified the requirement to implement a more time-efficient system for monitoring fuel usage across the fleet. During May 2013, following extensive research into vehicle tracking systems available on the market, we installed TomTom web-fleet tracking + fuel monitoring devices across the fleet. This has allowed us to monitor fuel usage per vehicle, in real time, including monitoring driver behaviour, idle time and MPG. The use of this system, combined with “Fuel efficient driving” e-learning module has assisted us in identifying the key areas for improvement, and in implementing systems, in order to improve fuel consumption.

‘FORS has helped us to achieve significant fuel savings across our fleet, through its Performance Management Tool’

Through better monitoring of fuel data across the fleet, reduction of idle time, and introduction of newer & more fuel efficient vehicles, we have achieved reduced CO2 emissions across the fleet. In a comparison between April 2014 and April 2015, we identified an improvement in CO2 output of 0.40 lbs per mile. These savings have encouraged us to investigate other opportunities to improve efficiency.

Month Fleet Mileage Litres of fuel used MPG Co2 Output 4LBS per mile
April 14 140347.30 69050.70 9.20 403426.90 2.90
April 15 131746.30 56643.60 8.90 330921.90 2.50

So far, FORS has been extremely beneficial to us, and has been a key factor our continual improvement programme. Achieving Gold award in 2013 and retaining our accreditation in 2014 represented a significant milestone in our safety and quality standards.