William Allen Bolton Limited – Gold application

William Allen Bolton Limited – Gold application

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William Allen Bolton Limited are a haulage company with ninety seven years of experience. We are based in Bolton Lancashire, I am Peter Allen the third generation of the Allen family to be involved and I am determined to move the business forward as my family have done previously.

We initially were approached by one of our customers, who had a requirement for a FORS registered operator. We were of course happy to oblige our custom3ers’ needs, as such we registered with FORS and were successful in attaining a Bronze accreditation.

We found the Bronze assessment to be very thorough and were impressed by the high levels expected from those who applied. This gave us the assurance of joining a system of accreditation which really was worth being involved with.

We were so impressed with this recognition scheme that our next step was to apply for the Silver accreditation, although this would require major investment in the form of CCTV cameras, audible warning systems on our vehicles and increased levels of training for our drivers, we felt the added safety benefits for all concerned more than justified the expense.

We are now confident that our vehicles offer vulnerable road users more chance of the dangers faced and our drivers are certainly more aware of how to minimise those dangers also.

“Our drivers are aware that they must be beware”

As a business we have historically always undertaken comprehensive fuel economy and safety reviews, as such there has been no significant changes either to our MPG or indeed incident figures, which we are pleased to say were and remain 0.

“If you want to survive in today’s economy, you must get the education necessary to succeed”

MPG  Incidents per 100,000 kms
Jan – Dec 2013
8.5 0
Jan – Dec 2014 8.5 0
Percentage improvement 0%  0%

19It is the nature of our company to constantly look at improving the various aspects of its operation. As such the FORS accreditation scheme has helped us to identify and review accordingly our operation on a regular basis.

A Gold accreditation would be the confirmation not only for ourselves, but more importantly our customers that as a business we are continuing to improve and develop these important aspects of our business.