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Wilson James London Construction Consolidation Centre(LCCC) is based in Silvertown, E16, next to London City Airport, it is the only consolidation centre in London, dedicated to supporting the materials management for multiple construction projects in the capital.

We became a pioneering partner in the early stages of FORS and were one of the first companies to achieve silver accreditation in 2009, gaining re-approval in 2012 and 2013. We were involved in the FORS workshops from early stages and as a company we felt that it was essential for us to obtain the accreditation as soon as we could.

Wiulson james 2Our initial assessment for FORS bronze was passed the first time. We were one of the first companies to achieve the Silver accreditation in 2009. In 2014 we were awarded with FORS Gold accreditation as one of the few construction related companies to have done so. A number of major construction projects have realised the benefits of consolidation, given the severe delivery constraints that their central London sites have.

As a FORS member, the Wilson James LCCC makes use of TfL’s Cycle Safety Toolkit to equip our drivers who are often dealing with all of the invisible dangers of driving in London. All LCCC vehicles are fitted with Class 5 and 6 mirrors, cyclist proximity sensors, blind spot cameras, left turn and reversing alarms and side bars to reduce the likelihood of incidents with cyclists

“We have reduced the amount of vehicles travelling to our construction sites by 68%”

The LCCC has reduced the number of supplier’s vehicles travelling to construction projects in London reducing the amount of vehicles by 68%. In London where room on the roads is at a premium, this is our significant contribution to making the roads a little safer for all users. By removing the number of vehicles by needed to travel to site, the

number of drivers who are not familiar with driving in London is significantly reduced. By equipping our vehicles with the right tools and training from the FORS scheme, the LCCC can be considered part of the drive to ensure that safety of vulnerable road users in London and improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of construction projects in London.

Below are just two of the savings made during 2014/15. Fuel consumption has improved slightly despite added congestion.

Accidents PCN's
Jan - Dec 2013
2 6
Jan - Dec 2014 0 1
Percentage improvement 0.4%  42%

Wilson james 1Since becoming a FORS member it has created huge benefits for us as a company. We have seen a significant reduction in fines and charges. Fuel is now being saved by low-emission trucks and we are aware of the routes we are taking to keep us away from congested traffic areas. It has given us access to a range of exclusive benefits, including the opportunity to secure business with organisations that specify accreditation standards, improve safety, reduce environmental impact and save money.