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Maintaining the standard

To ensure a level playing field for all of the fleet operators that have achieved FORS accreditation, we continue to take a firm stance on those that fail to comply with the terms and conditions. Suspensions and terminations are now being used more rigorously to protect the reputation of the scheme. We are receiving an … Read more

FORS e-learning

This is a reminder that FORS operators are able to take advantage of free e-learning modules, which are designed to offer drivers concise, accessible training in 4 modules – Safety, Cycle Safety, Fuel and PCNs. To date over 2,100 drivers have benefitted from completing the FORS e-learning modules, which can be found by clicking here … Read more

FORS wins international road safety award

We are delighted to announce that FORS has been awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for its continuing work to improve fleet and freight safety across the UK. The Royal Awards, which are presented annually, recognise achievements in road safety and are awarded to the most outstanding examples of innovation across the world. … Read more

Revised MOCA requirements

As you are aware, FORS is raising the bar in its strive to continually improve compliance across all its accredited companies. In order to achieve this, FORS issued revised standards and introduced a number of important changes, one of which is the number of audits required in order to achieve/maintain MOCA. The revised breakdown is … Read more