WATCH – the FORS Auditor video

The following video provides an initial insight into a FORS audit and the set processes to be followed.

READ – the FORS Standard

The FORS Standard sets out the requirements you need to meet in order to successfully pass your Bronze audit.


ATTEND – ‘Going for Bronze’ workshop

If you are preparing for your Bronze audit, the ‘Going for Bronze’ workshop is a great place to start.

If you are an accredited operator preparing for your re-approval audit you may also find it useful to attend the workshop to refresh your knowledge of the FORS Standard.

    Going for Bronze workshop

READ – the top five most common reasons for audit failures (July – September 2018)

PREPARE – evidence of systems and policies

On the day of the audit, the auditor is required to see evidence of the systems and policies you have in place to manage each of the requirements set out in the FORS Standard. You will also be asked to demonstrate how you ensure your employees are aware of and adhere to the processes you have in place. Some examples of the type of records you will be asked to share are driver’s eyesight checks, fitment of vehicle safety equipment, evidence of driver licence checks, risk assessments and vehicle maintenance plans.

To help you prepare for your audit, we’ve put together some examples of the documents that the auditor is required to see (list not exhaustive):

COMPLETE – audit self-assessment

To ensure you are fully prepared for your audit complete the ‘audit self-assessment’ to confirm that you have all the processes in place before requesting your audit.

    Audit self-assessment