Health and safety

Health and Safety at work is now more important than ever, and the risks involved while driving at work and transport in the workplace cannot be ignored.

With the introduction of the Corporate Manslaughter Act, there is now a very real prospect of a company director or manager receiving a custodial sentence through a neglect of duties relating to an employee fatality or injury. This has been widely publicised within the transport industry, and has raised awareness of Work Related Road Safety (WRRS) significantly.

What are the risks?

The dangers posed by vehicles in the workplace are numerous, increasing the risk posed to your employees' health and welfare.

How can FORS help you?

FORS can help you introduce or enhance a health and safety culture within your company, providing the tools that can help.

FORS accredited companies benefit from:

  • Information on developing Health and Safety/Driving at Work Policy.
  • An incident data management tool to help benchmark your data within a desired time frame, providing performance indicators to identify areas to be addressed in order to reduce overall incidents.