In-cab coaching devices found to improve driver behaviour

In-cab coaching devices found to improve driver behaviour

masternautA study conducted by FORS Associate Masternaut has found that drivers are far more likely to change their behaviour when they receive immediate feedback using tools such as Masternaut’s in-cab coaching device, rather than relying on retrospective feedback and reports.

For this study, Masternaut ran an extensive analysis across 9,000 light commercial vehicles and found that those with the in-cab coach achieved substantially better results, including:

  • 50% reduction in speeding events
  • 5-6% improvement in fuel economy
  • Significant reductions in harsh driving

These results translate to:

  • Improved driver safety
  • Reduced fuel emissions (CO2, NOX and particulate emissions)
  • Lower fuel spend
  • Improved duty of care by the employer

Masternaut is a leading European telematics solutions provider offering FORS members a free, no obligation study that will deliver a review on the applicability and potential benefits of using telematics to support their fleet operations.

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