Coming soon – FORS Fleet Management System (FORS FMS)

Coming soon – FORS Fleet Management System (FORS FMS)

All icons togetherFORS has come together with its Affinity Partner, FleetCheck, the leading UK fleet management software specialist, to create the FORS Fleet Management System – FORS FMS. The online system has been developed to provide all the tools needed to ensure maintenance of legal compliance and / or contractual requirements for your fleet.

FORS FMS has also been designed to help FORS members demonstrate compliance with FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold requirements as set out in the FORS Standard. Comprising an intuitive and easy-to-use software package, FORS FMS can be tailored to meet the needs of organisations both large and small, providing a one-stop-shop for fleet management professionals.

FORS FMS – helping to manage all areas of fleet operations:


  • Policy management
  • Document storage
  • PCN management
  • Fuel data integration


  • Inspection and maintenance planning
  • Defect checks
  • VED and MOT records
  • Insurance management


  • DVLA integration
  • Training records
  • Fitness and health
  • Driver infractions


  • Telematics integration
  • Incident management
  • Engine idling
  • Vehicle utilisation

Paul Wilkes, FORS Business Services Manager, commented, “FORS FMS gives our members the ability to collect and integrate essential data to gain, and retain, FORS accreditation – all through intuitive accessibility. The prospect of ensuring compliance using paperwork is, at best, daunting,” he said, “FORS FMS, on the other hand, makes the whole process quick, easy and extremely accurate.”

FORS FMS will be live soon. For more information and to request a free quote, please go to