Doctors to report drivers deemed at risk of causing serious harm

Doctors to report drivers deemed at risk of causing serious harm

Car Wheel with StethoscopeDoctors have now been given new guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC) which sets out the steps they should take if they believe a patient who fails or refuses to stop driving could expose others to a risk of death or serious harm.

The tragic death of six pedestrians, hit by a bin lorry in Glasgow, in December 2014 has highlighted the need for better reporting. It was ruled that the incident could have been avoided if the driver had told the truth about his long history of health issues, which he had not disclosed to his employer.

Patient-doctor confidentiality plays a large role in the debate. The GMC have said that while doctors owe a duty of confidentiality to their patients, they also have a wider duty to protect and promote the health of patients and the public.

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FORS requirement D7 requires operators to actively manage drivers fitness and health. In order to help operators meet and manage requirement D7 ‘Driver fitness and health’, operators can download the FORS Professional D7 Toolbox Talk which aims to communicate the importance of managing fitness and health while driving at work.