DVS star ratings for Euro VI HGVs are now available via manufacturers

DVS star ratings for Euro VI HGVs are now available via manufacturers

Transport for London (TfL) has recently released the star ratings for Euro VI Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) as part of the Direct Vision Standard (DVS), which forms part of the Mayor and TfL’s Vision Zero approach to eliminating all deaths and serious injuries from London’s roads by 2041. The ratings are now available via vehicle manufacturers.

TfL has worked closely with the freight industry and vulnerable road user groups to develop the Direct Vision Standard in order to address the disproportionate number of fatalities involving HGVs and vulnerable road users.

TfL recently consulted on a new HGV Safety Standard Permit Scheme in London, which would require all HGVs over 12 tonnes to hold a safety permit to operate in London from 2020. Under TfL’s proposals, safety permits will be introduced in 2019, with the most dangerous zero star rated HGVs to be banned from Greater London in 2020, if operators do not fulfil the requirements of a new Safe System. From 2024 the safety threshold would be raised to a minimum of three stars, prohibiting those HGVs rated two stars and below if not operating to a progressive Safe System.

The Safe System has been developed with an independent advisory group including representatives from vulnerable road user groups, freight trade associations, vehicle manufacturers and other government organisations. These measures will include devices such as cameras, sensors and audible warnings. The permit would evolve over time to set increasingly ambitious requirements as technology advances. Operators are encouraged to contact their manufacturers to find out the DVS star rating of their Euro VI HGVs.

More information on the Direct Vision Standard and how to find out DVS star ratings is now available on the DVS webpage, here.