FORS driver training and Driver CPC hours

FORS driver training and Driver CPC hours

All FORS funded driver training – Safe Urban Driving (SUD), Van Smart (VS) and LoCITY Driving – is currently offered as remote learning only.

Following the implementation of a temporary relaxation by FORS, members can currently pass the work-related road risk (WRRR) professional development requirement S5 by undertaking the theory part only of SUD or VS by remote training, with the practical on-cycle element undertaken by the time of their yearly Silver re-approval audit in 2022.

However, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will not allow the upload of Driver CPC hours for SUD and VS as the remote theory part and on-cycle element will be more than 24 hours apart.

Members wishing to undertake funded remote SUD or VS and also wishing to gain Driver CPC hours can attend the remote 3.5 hours SUD or VS with another 3.5 hours of training the same day with the same training provider who can then upload the Driver CPC hours for the total 7 hours.

In accordance with the FORS Standard Annex 1, FORS members can opt to attend SUD or VS, or a FORS approved WRRR training course that includes on-cycle hazard awareness or meet the (initial or refresher) WRRR approval criteria. Members can therefore discuss options with their training providers as to which courses are best suited to their needs to meet S5 and Driver CPC hours requirements where needed. Remote LoCITY Driving still benefits from the Driver CPC hours as it is 7 hours in duration.

Some training providers licensed to deliver FORS Professional driver training offer both remote and classroom training (when permitted under COVID-19 restrictions).

To book a place on free FORS driver training, click here. To book a place on a FORS Approved course, or with a training provider licensed to deliver FORS Professional training, check the FORS Approved page.