FORS Practitioner workshop dates available to book for January – March 2018

FORS Practitioner workshop dates available to book for January – March 2018

FORS Practitioner workshops are now available to book for January, February and March 2018 in locations across the UK. FORS Practitioner is a series of workshops which, together, cover all aspects of fleet management.

From January 2018, there will be 10 workshops in the series. The latest addition, workshop 10 ‘Managing noise in logistics’, has been devised to help operators to understand the impacts of noise on the environment and to develop a noise policy and assessment to mitigate these impacts.  Workshop 10 will help operators meet the FORS Gold requirement ‘G8 Noise assessment’.

The 10 FORS Practitioner workshop topics are:

  • Workshop 1 – Developing fleet management policy
  • Workshop 2 – Managing work related road risk
  • Workshop 3 – Managing driver fitness and health
  • Workshop 4 – Managing driver training and development
  • Workshop 5 – Collision procedures and analysis
  • Workshop 6 – Safe and efficient fleet management
  • Workshop 7 – Reducing fuel use and minimising environmental impacts
  • Workshop 8 – Minimising transport fines and charges
  • Workshop 9 – Measuring and monitoring road fleet performance
  • Workshop 10 – Managing noise in logistics

Under ‘D4 Professional development’, fleet operators are required to identify and document the training needs of drivers and other staff involved in the fleet operation, as well as to implement a Professional Development Plan (PDP). FORS Practitioner is recommended professional development for all managers, trainers and supervisory staff. Though attendance at the workshops is not mandatory to meet requirement ‘D4 Professional development’, it should be considered for inclusion in the PDP for relevant staff.

Join the 900-plus FORS Practitioners by booking your place(s). Those who start their FORS Practitioner journey in 2018, as well as those who are already part-way through, will need to have completed all 10 workshops to become a FORS Practitioner. Introduction of the new workshop ‘Managing noise in logistics’ will not affect the status of current FORS Practitioners, although FORS Practitioners are encouraged to attend this latest workshop.

Please click here to access the list of Practitioner workshop dates and locations from January 2018 to the end of March 2018. Dates from April onwards will be released early next year. We appreciate plans do change, but as these workshops are very popular, if you do need to cancel your place(s), then please advise us as soon as possible.  Please refer to the FORS workshops cancellation policy for information prior to cancelling your place/s.

For any queries, please email