FORS reveals insurance tie-up to deliver member benefits

FORS reveals insurance tie-up to deliver member benefits

Direct InsuranceDirect Insurance Group Plc (DIG) has teamed up with FORS to provide fleet operators with a ‘benefits-rich’ range of insurance packages, developed exclusively for FORS members.

DIG, one of the UK’s leading independent commercial insurance brokers, describes FORS as the ‘ideal best practice management tool’ for operators. With FORS members able to demonstrate reductions in collisions, and with safety initiatives evident throughout their operations, FORS accredited companies present DIG with an attractive,  low-risk proposition.

In addition to taking advantage of dedicated and competitively-priced fleet insurance products from DIG, FORS  members can now enjoy a number of significant benefits; all of which designed by FORS and DIG to reduce road risk, save operating costs and progress through FORS accreditation.

DIG already enjoys an excellent reputation among FORS members as a provider of tailored insurance products specifically for commercial vehicle operators. Following the announcement, FORS members taking up a new insurance contract with DIG can look forward to:

– Subsidised FORS subscription and audit fees

– Up to 10% savings on DIG policies

– Free training to help meet FORS professional development

– Free management reports to help meet FORS requirements on performance data and reporting

– Free expert support and advice

– Low claims rebates

David Bearman, Chief Executive of DIG said “Aligning ourselves with FORS is a demonstration of our recognition of the robustness of the FORS Standard, the independence of the audit and the steps that FORS members take to managing road risk across their fleets – our ultimate goal would be to see all our customers become FORS accredited. By associating ourselves with FORS in this way further strengthens DIG’s belief that if we deliver products to protect our customers from the result of risk, we should also help them to manage that risk. We’re excited to see the launch of this new partnership and look forward to helping FORS members protect their fleet, and providing support with the essential ongoing training and requirements of the FORS Standard”.

“This is a significant opportunity for FORS members,” said FORS Director, John Hix, “we have carefully devised a benefits-rich package for members and I would urge operators to look closely at the advantages that the FORS / DIG partnership can provide.

“We are aware that operators function in a wide range of industries,” said Hix, “and DIG’s wide-ranging portfolio of tailored products will provide insurance policies for all; hauliers, of course, but also bespoke plans for those specialising in recycling, waste, Haz. Chem., liquids and a great many other sector-specific operations.”

Benefits for FORS Bronze, Silver and Gold accredited members:


Benefit Bronze Silver Gold
Subsidised FORS subscription
100% year one only

Subsidised audit fee

50% covered annually

· ·
Up to 5% discount on fleet premiums ·
Up to 10% discount on fleet premiums ·

Free collision investigation training annually

Meets FORS requirements D4 and G6

· · ·

Free road risk management training annually

Meets FORS requirements S8 and G6

· ·
Dedicated claims manager and account executive 24/7 · · ·
Quarterly risk meeting and claims review · · ·

Quarterly management reports

Meets FORS requirements O3, S6 and G4

· · ·
Free legal protection · · ·
Long term agreements · · ·
Low claims rebates · · ·

DIG is appointed as a FORS Associate as a result of its partnership arrangement with FORS, joining 118 other FORS Associates as a provider of products and / or services proven to increase levels of safety, efficiency and environmental protection for over 4000 FORS members.