Free tool can help you meet FORS incident and collision reporting requirement

Free tool can help you meet FORS incident and collision reporting requirement

The Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) programme, has launched a new toolkit to help transport managers manage, report and analyse road traffic collisions in a consistent way.  Whilst it has been created for construction based operators, it is equally applicable to all types of fleet operations.

The toolkit aligns with FORS Bronze requirement O3 Incidents and Collisions – ‘fleet operators shall ensure that incidents, traffic collisions and reported near-misses are recorded, investigated and analysed, implementing actions to address any lessons learned and identified trends’.

Designed to support managers and drivers, the toolkit provides guidance on what to do following a collision, from actions the driver should take at the scene, through to investigating the incident and acting on lessons learned.

The toolkit can be used independently to establish or update a company’s collision reporting policy and practice, but is also designed to be used in conjunction with the CLOCS Manager collision reporting tool, a free-to-use online database which allows you to capture, log, report, analyse and investigate collisions and identify lessons learned.

As well as keeping an accurate log of all the elements of an incident for both investigation and insurance purposes, CLOCS Manager can be used as a learning resource to better understand road risk before an incident occurs.

Using CLOCS Manager will help you to meet the FORS Silver and Gold requirements for performance measurement, and monitoring of incident and collision data and costs involving personal injury, vehicle or property damage.