Maintaining the standard

Maintaining the standard

To ensure a level playing field for all of the fleet operators that have achieved FORS accreditation, we continue to take a firm stance on those that fail to comply with the terms and conditions. Suspensions and terminations are now being used more rigorously to protect the reputation of the scheme.

We are receiving an increasing number of official complaints about poor driving standards and driver infringements regarding FORS operators. We want to keep you informed of these issues and the potential consequences to any operators that may be in breach of their professional obligations both as transport professionals and FORS registered or accredited companies.

Common issues that are being raised include:

  • dangerous driving
  • mobile phone use whilst driving
  • failure to wear a seatbelt

FORS operators are reminded that they will be subject to suspension or even termination of their FORS accreditation should they be found to breach the Terms and Conditions outlined in Section 14 – Suspension and termination. Consequences of such action can be found in Section 15 – Consequences of Withdrawal, Suspension or Termination.