Meet requirement O7 with the FORS Counter Terrorism Toolkit

Meet requirement O7 with the FORS Counter Terrorism Toolkit

Preparing for your FORS Bronze audit? Avoid failure by ensuring you have met FORS Bronze requirement ‘O7 Counter terrorism’.

FORS Bronze requirement ‘O7 Counter terrorism’ has been introduced to recognise the current terrorist threat and to raise awareness, security and vigilance across your organisation.  Meeting the requirement will help minimise the risks posed by potential security and terrorist threats and ensure staff are prepared to deal with extremist and terrorist activity.

To help members meet this requirement, operators are encouraged to use the guidance in conjunction with the free FORS Counter Terrorism Toolkit.

FORS’s award-winning eLearning module Security & Counter Terrorism was commissioned by Transport for London (TfL) in 2017 in response to the rise of commercial vehicles used in terrorist-related incidents. Since its launch in 2018, over 89,000 individuals have completed the 20-minute online training course. As laid out in version 5 of the FORS Standard, members must complete the eLearning module every 24 months.

To access the FORS Counter Terrorism toolkit, click here.