New unified audit coming soon

New unified audit coming soon

FORS will soon be introducing a ‘unified audit’ option to help simplify the accreditation process for its members.

The new process will allow members to align their Bronze, Silver and Gold audit dates (which may currently be spread across the year) and will introduce a combined Silver and Gold online audit.

Once this new option goes live, members will be able to prepare and submit a combined or ‘unified’ Silver/Gold application form. In addition, members who wish to align their Bronze and Silver dates, or Bronze, Silver and Gold dates, will be able to do so as long as all of their accreditations are valid, with the option to select a specific re-approval date.

FORS fees have not increased since they were introduced in 2015, and under the unified audit, operators with more than three vehicles can save £90 on renewing Gold, or progressing to Gold, when opting for Silver/Gold unified audit. Small operators will continue to only pay the Silver audit fee of £235 when opting for Silver/Gold unified audit. A comparison of fees depending on the type of audit and fleet size is shown below:

Type of audit Annual audit fee
Silver audit £235
Gold audit £235
Gold audit for small operators (*) No charge
Combined Silver/Gold audit £380
Combined Silver/Gold audit for small operators (*) £235

(*) small operators are those with a total fleet no larger than three vehicles

Look out for further information on the unified audit process, which will be rolled out in phases from next month, in eNews and on the FORS website.