Press release: New Virtual Classroom from FORS Professional

Press release: New Virtual Classroom from FORS Professional

On 1 April this year, FORS moved all its manager training to online learning following the COVID-19 restrictions imposed a couple of weeks previously which prevented face-to-face training.

Introduced in September, the new FORS Professional Virtual Classroom has been set up to enhance this online learning, following the decision by FORS that delivery of all FORS manager training will remain online for the foreseeable future. The FORS Professional Virtual Classroom gives FORS members an enhanced virtual training experience, with attendees able to see each other and the trainer during the live session, for a  more ‘classroom-like’ engaging experience.

FORS also launched a dedicated FORS Professional booking platform to simplify the booking process for its members.  Both platforms demonstrate the commitment to the professional development of FORS members during this time.

FORS Manager Sonia Hayward, said, “At the beginning of the lockdown in spring, we moved all FORS Professional manager training courses online to make sure our members could continue their professional development remotely.

“However, we wanted to offer a more ‘classroom-like’ experience, so we developed the new Virtual Classroom to make sure that the learners benefit from a more engaging training experience.”

The new FORS Professional Virtual Classroom also features an embedded assessment at the end of each webinar to verify that the learning objectives have been met.

Sonia Hayward said, “Each assessment is made-up of 10 multiple-choice questions relating to topics covered during the training session, with each question selected at random by the platform. Delegates will have three attempts and will need to answer seven out of 10 questions correctly in order to pass the assessment.”

“Providing FORS members with webinar-based training long-term means they can access the learning they need to meet the requirements of FORS with minimum disruption to their working day.  Webinars carry a reduced environmental impact as they do not require travel,  allowing members and trainers to remain safe, while social distancing measures remain.” Sonia Hayward adds.

Find out more about the Virtual Classroom and FORS Professional Booking Platform by reading the FAQs, here.